The Farm

If you go to the farm folder you can see lots of post I have done. It was big and I have made it 5 ft 7 inches smaller too 2 ft!   It used to be almost my whole room now it is 2 ft. of my room. I have made it a lot … More The Farm

Slide Ranch

Slide ranch Is 2025 shoreline hwy. Muir Beach,CA 94965  U.S.A it is a very fun place for summer camps,family. I love their  summer Camps!!!   I love it because of its chickens,sheep,ducks,and goats that you can meet. There is a huge garden and I have been doing their  summer camp for 3 years. The photo … More Slide Ranch

Why Farms?

Hi I’m Brady and I like to “farm it out”. That means I like to play on the farm in my room. I build animal houses, pens, barns and food stands. I sell the food I grow to visitors and to my sister for her cafe. It’s called Makena’s Cafe but she might change the … More Why Farms?