Bosten vs. Bucks

Kyrie and Gordon Hayward are hurt still included them do the draft. Player Bosten Bucks Kyrie Irving Jaylen Brown Gorden Hayward Al Horford Aron Baynes Eric Bledsoe Malcom Brogdon Chris Middleton Giannis Antetokounmpo John Henson

NBA Teams

There are many good teams in the NBA. You know there has been many big trades. The Kyrie trade and a lot of others. The Cleveland Cavaliers  The Cleveland Cavaliers had a great lineup but they are hurting now without Isaiah Thomas. They are 2nd in their division. They are 5-6  and the Pistons are 8-3. Losing Kyrie is … More NBA Teams

The New NBA News

There has been many things going on in the NBA. Celtics Gordon Hayward In Gordon Hayward’s first game being a Celtic. 5 minutes in he twisted his ankle. The game stopped Kyrie Irving Was crying. A couple other players to. He told fans he well be OK. NBA Birthdays for October Lonzo Ball PG Lakers … More The New NBA News

The Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics got first pick from some trade with the Brooklyn Nets. They got the first pick, but they could get a Power Guard they din’t want another, Because they already Isaiah Thomas. So they traded for the 76ers pick 3 for pick one. So now they are getting number 3 pick. The 76ers … More The Boston Celtics