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warriors The Warriors are the San Francisco Bay Area’s  basketball team.They were and are very good in the 2015-2016 season they set the record for wins 73 wins and 9 losses. After the 2016 season they got Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City Thunder. He is so good. They call…


I have a computer you can buy one too there are also things like TVs,cameras ,X-Box. here are some.   This a something like my computer it is so awesome for writing, playing games, and doing my website.     I am in love with my camera it is awesome it can go under water … More technology

Slide Ranch

Slide ranch Is 2025 shoreline hwy. Muir Beach,CA 94965  U.S.A it is a very fun place for summer camps,family. I love their  summer Camps!!!   I love it because of its chickens,sheep,ducks,and goats that you can meet. There is a huge garden and I have been doing their  summer camp for 3 years. The photo … More Slide Ranch

Earth is special

We live on earth  we need to keep it green not black.  We can save are Earth here are some tips about cleaning up are plant. Turn off lights Think about when you need lights or when the sunshine is shining it gives enough.  It just uses power and we need to save are earth. … More Earth is special