NBA Teams

There are many good teams in the NBA. You know there has been many big trades. The Kyrie trade and a lot of others. The Cleveland Cavaliers  The Cleveland Cavaliers had a great lineup but they are hurting now without Isaiah Thomas. They are 2nd in their division. They are 5-6  and the Pistons are 8-3. Losing Kyrie is … More NBA Teams

Hallowen Candy

These are the candy’s that I got the most of. M&Ms Snickers KitKat                 Starbursts I was surprised that Snickers got Second. I always get a lot of M&Ms. Last year I got no Kitkats. My favorite Halloween Candy is 100 Grands. I also like M&Ms, gummys, and Twix. … More Hallowen Candy

The New NBA News

There has been many things going on in the NBA. Celtics Gordon Hayward In Gordon Hayward’s first game being a Celtic. 5 minutes in he twisted his ankle. The game stopped Kyrie Irving Was crying. A couple other players to. He told fans he well be OK. NBA Birthdays for October Lonzo Ball PG Lakers … More The New NBA News

The Farm

If you go to the farm folder you can see lots of post I have done. It was big and I have made it 5 ft 7 inches smaller too 2 ft!   It used to be almost my whole room now it is 2 ft. of my room. I have made it a lot … More The Farm