The new top sports games and when they’re coming out on Xbox

They’re some awesome new games coming out one Xbox. I’m going to tell you which games they’re where to get them and for some cases when they well come out. You will need a Xbox one to play these games. You can find a link to get a Xbox 1 at the bottom I’m going to … More The new top sports games and when they’re coming out on Xbox

Madden 80 Overall

So now you’re an 80 Overall. Lets start out if you have elite players on the bench. If you do you have two options. You can look how much they’re worth in auction. If you don’t want to do that then you have another option. This might not always be there, but it looks like … More Madden 80 Overall

Madden Mobile

There is many ways to play Madden. You can play on a Xbox or iPad. I play on both, but mostly on my iPad. Here is some good tips to get your Overall up. When you get to level 10 you get to unlock auctions. This is where you can buy and sell. I suggest … More Madden Mobile

Become a Follower

If you become a follower of Brady’s farm do here You well be able to do many things like Unlock more fun thing like drafts and other fun things.


I have a computer you can buy one too there are also things like TVs,cameras ,X-Box. here are some.   This a something like my computer it is so awesome for writing, playing games, and doing my website.     I am in love with my camera it is awesome it can go under water … More technology


My family has a big TV. My sister watches all her shows on it. My Dad watches all his favorite sporting games and some other shows on it. My Mom likes watching Top Chef on it with my dad, but she’s not a TV lover. I like what my dad watches too and I like … More TVs