Story Saturday

I like to write books as I have said. I have edited and wrote a book for you to wake up and read this morning. Pour your coffee or tea and relax since its Saturday. Well you’re waiting for pancakes or eating pancakes you can whip out a device and read this story. If you … More Story Saturday

MLB teams that were over .500 last season now under .500

MLB aways changes with teams. Today I am going list a couple teams and than write a little bit about them. I have 2 further post planned for Saturday and Thursday. On Saturday I will be releasing a new story. Not just two pages, but a full story. I will hopefully keep posting those every … More MLB teams that were over .500 last season now under .500

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Old Patriots Cards

In the Super Bowl the catchers did’t do their best, but they are still good. These fab four go together like marshmallows and graham Crackers. Who knows if Gronkoski is going to go out wit the only touchdown and 87 yards. Julian Edelman had 850 yards remember he was hurt at the beginning of the … More Old Patriots Cards