Hallowen Candy

These are the candy’s that I got the most of. M&Ms Snickers KitKat                 Starbursts I was surprised that Snickers got Second. I always get a lot of M&Ms. Last year I got no Kitkats. My favorite Halloween Candy is 100 Grands. I also like M&Ms, gummys, and Twix. … More Hallowen Candy

Ireland Report Quiz

Ireland facts from Brady Tip Check out bradysfarm.com What is the population for Ireland?   _____________________________________________     What is the Native language of Ireland? _______________________________   What are 5 kinds of Food they Mainly eat? ________________________,_____________________,______________________,_____________________________, and__________________________. What is a National Holiday and what is the date and some things they do? Holiday____________________________ Date … More Ireland Report Quiz

Get out to those parks quiz

Get Out to Those Parks!!!!   Name:______________     How Many Miles is Golden Gate Park East to West? ____________________________________________________________________________     How many Miles is it North to South? ____________________________________________________________________________     Are There Dogs Allowed? _______________    

Camping Quiz

Camping Quiz Name:______________ Tip ( Check on bradysfarm.com to check blog posts about Camping)   What are 3 Fun actives to play when you are camping?   ____________________________________________________.   What are 2 very Camping like foods to eat will camping? _______________________________________________________________________________.     What are the 3 Ingredients to make a s’more _________________________________________,_______________________________,_____________________and_____________.     … More Camping Quiz

Warriors Quiz

Warriors Quiz Name:_____________   Tip ( Check lots of blog posts about the warriors on bradysfarm.com)   How Many wins and loses did the warriors have in the 2015-2016 season on March 21 2017 ? ___________ Wins _______ Loses   What is the Normal starting line up for the Warriors ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________     What … More Warriors Quiz

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and just Santa Cruz is such a fun town!

Santa Cruz is probably top 10 towns in California. I will tell you about different parts of Santa Cruz at a time. Note The blue lines take you too Amazon too Buy stuff that I tell you about.  Please Buy one thing because I get some of that money back. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk  … More Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and just Santa Cruz is such a fun town!