Slide Ranch

Slide ranch Is 2025 shoreline hwy. Muir Beach,CA 94965  U.S.A it is a very fun place for summer camps,family. I love their  summer Camps!!!   I love it because of its chickens,sheep,ducks,and goats that you can meet. There is a huge garden and I have been doing their  summer camp for 3 years. The photo … More Slide Ranch


I have a barn on my farm it has a loft and 4 stools. These are photos of it. These are 2 of the barn stalls There are doors on both sides of the barn.  

Animal food

I need to give animals food so I took some photos of there food. Here is some hay with treats There is also milk,apples, and oats. All together there is a lot of food.


I have 4 cats on my farm. There is wild twin babies, 1 teenager, and a Mom. The cats on my farm get in a lot of trouble.  


These are Cows on Brady’s farm. There is 2 babies,1 mom, and 1 dad. They like hay. This is 1 of the babies. He is sniffing for food on the ground  


This is the sheep. there is 3 Moms, 1 dad, and 4 babies.1 Mom has 2 babies the rest have 2. these Mother sheep are eating food. will the Dad eats with them the  Babies are eating hay will there parents eat like crazy.


you can camp at Brady’s Farm! It is fun this family stayed they had a blast. There cat came to! It had a lot of nice quiet naps. there have some wet blankets. What do they do? They can hang them up! On tree branches.

Chicken Coop

The chickens on my farm have chicks there is 5 hens and 2 roosters and a lot of chicks.   This is one of the roosters.With hens behind him.   The chickens need food. This is some of it. The chick is hungry so it is about to eat.  

Why Farms?

Hi I’m Brady and I like to “farm it out”. That means I like to play on the farm in my room. I build animal houses, pens, barns and food stands. I sell the food I grow to visitors and to my sister for her cafe. It’s called Makena’s Cafe but she might change the … More Why Farms?