The Farm

If you go to the farm folder you can see lots of post I have done. It was big and I have made it 5 ft 7 inches smaller too 2 ft!   It used to be almost my whole room now it is 2 ft. of my room. I have made it a lot … More The Farm

6 ideas for an awesome breakfast quiz.

Name ___________________ 6 Ideas for an awesome Breakfast                                   check out for info 1.What is your favorite breakfast food?  __________________________________ 2.What do you put on an english muffin? __________________________________________________ 3. How many pancakes can you eat?     … More 6 ideas for an awesome breakfast quiz.

Get out to those parks quiz

Get Out to Those Parks!!!!   Name:______________     How Many Miles is Golden Gate Park East to West? ____________________________________________________________________________     How many Miles is it North to South? ____________________________________________________________________________     Are There Dogs Allowed? _______________    

Camping Quiz

Camping Quiz Name:______________ Tip ( Check on to check blog posts about Camping)   What are 3 Fun actives to play when you are camping?   ____________________________________________________.   What are 2 very Camping like foods to eat will camping? _______________________________________________________________________________.     What are the 3 Ingredients to make a s’more _________________________________________,_______________________________,_____________________and_____________.     … More Camping Quiz

Slide Ranch

Slide ranch Is 2025 shoreline hwy. Muir Beach,CA 94965  U.S.A it is a very fun place for summer camps,family. I love their  summer Camps!!!   I love it because of its chickens,sheep,ducks,and goats that you can meet. There is a huge garden and I have been doing their  summer camp for 3 years. The photo … More Slide Ranch


I have a barn on my farm it has a loft and 4 stools. These are photos of it. These are 2 of the barn stalls There are doors on both sides of the barn.  

Animal food

I need to give animals food so I took some photos of there food. Here is some hay with treats There is also milk,apples, and oats. All together there is a lot of food.


I have 4 cats on my farm. There is wild twin babies, 1 teenager, and a Mom. The cats on my farm get in a lot of trouble.  


These are Cows on Brady’s farm. There is 2 babies,1 mom, and 1 dad. They like hay. This is 1 of the babies. He is sniffing for food on the ground