CHEEP, CHEEP Pokemon cards

I don’t collect Pokemon cards, but got about 200 for free recently. I am now selling them and I can offer very extremely low prices.

Here is the link to acquire Mega Chraizard 2014 Pokemon 108/106 Worth $25!!! Mega Blastoise EX 2014 Pokemon 30/146 Darkrai EX 2016 Pokemon 74/122  Lurantis GX 15/149 2017 PokemonTrainer Archie’s Ace in the Hole 157/160 2015 Pokemon Snorlox GX2016 Pokemon for a great price, almost 50% I could sell each card individually.

 Mega Charizard EX2016 Pokemon 108/1062. Kangaskhan EX103/1062014 Pokemon3. Raticate Break2016 Pokemon89/1224.Silvally GX2017 PokemonStage 15. Solgaleo GXStage 22016 Pokemon6.Raichu Break50/1622015 Pokemon

I have a couple others on there, but these are the main hits. You can always look under my profile. I will accept offers as well.

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