4 Under Rated players in the NBA

There is some really good players in the NBA and some that are not as good. I will take one player that is in the same position and compare them.

  1. Devin Booker

Devin Booker is an amazing player. I’m comparing him to James Harden. Devin Booker has a 26.6 which is 8th in the league, that was above Kevin Durant! James harden was first with 36.1

He averaged 4.1 rebounds which ranked over 150. Harden averaged just a bit more at 6.6. He averaged 6.6 Assists which was pretty good for his team. Harden averaged more at 7.5.

2. De’Aaron Fox

De’Aaron Fox is a very good player all around. I will be comparing him to Chris Paul.

De’Aaron averaged 17.3 points last season. Chris Paul had 15.6. Not as good.

Chris Paul averaged more rebounds, but there are reasons for this. Chris Paul got a lot of rebounds for Houston, but Fox didn’t need too since they had two big guys.

Chris Paul had 8.2 assists and Fox had 7.3 There is a reason for this too. Chris Paul had more scores on his team than Fox.

That is it for De’Aaron Fox make sure to catch some Kings games.

3. Draymond Green

The thing about Draymond Green is he is a Warrior. He get’s no credit. I will be comparing him to Blake Griffin.

The scoring is not even close with Blake Griffin averaging 24.5 and Draymond Green averaging 7.4. Blake Griffin had to score though, Green had Curry, Durant, and Thompson.

Its close on rebounds with Blake Griffin at 7.5 and Green at 7.3.

Draymond Green wins at assists with 6.9 and Griffin has 5.4.

Draymond Green averaged more steals with 1.4 and Griffin has half of that.

Draymond is a very underrated player.

4. Victor Olidipo

He is so underrated. I will comparing him to Kyrie Irving.

This guy was the second pick in 2013 Draft.

He averaged 18.8. Kyrie averaged 23.8, Kyrie is a better shooter I would say.

Victor is .6 above Kyrie with a 5.6 rebounds average. Kyrie average 6.9 assists which is more than 5.2 for Olidipo.

That is it for today, I hope you fallow because when I hit 60 followers there will be a big bonus and I’m talking big.

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