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Here is another Free Story, you don’t need to fallow either. This story will take about 20 minutes to read. Since these are free please like or fallow or view a bunch of posts please. The Story is called Free Throw and it is a bout a kid that is on a super good basketball team. His Dad is a Golden State Warrior and he collects basketball cards.

I heard the birds chirping outside my window. I climbed out of my bed and slumped to the door. I turned around and put on my glasses. I walked down the hall of the top floor of our house Owlswood road. It was my Dad’s summer house. You might have heard of Kendrik Jackson. Most of the warriors fans call him KJ. If you hadn’t heard of him he avedaged 27.2 points per game. 

I walked down the stairs. I had always thought he should put an elevator in. I climbed down to the main floor. Mom made me breakfast.

“Where’s Dad?” I asked.

“Getting ready to go to a pickup game at Levars,” she said.

I ran upstairs and got my basketball shoes. I got on some basketball clothes and ran down. I climbed in his car and we pulled out in the Porehse.

“What do you want to listen to?” he asked waiting for the gate to open.

“I don’t care,” I said.

It opened and Dad let a Red honda by and then pulled out. We went by the wall and took a left turn pulled into their driveway. It was a beautiful house. I walked in and set my bag near the door. 

“I got a new set of basketball cards,” Nemar said.

I ran down the hall to his bedroom. It was a really cool bedroom. It had a loft, which they had copied from my bedroom. I liked his bed which was like a porsche. We climbed up the ladder to the loft which was carpeted. He had some pillows, a low table, and one wall was covered in basketball cards. On the opposite wall stacked his normal basketball cards. He had some on the ground too. On the top was two Topps packs. 

“I saved two,” he said.

He handed me one and took the other. We both opened each. I flipped through mine.

“Did you get any Autographs?” I asked.

“No,” he said.

I found some good cards and stuffed them in my pocket.

“I got this new Kevin Thompson card,” he said, showing me.

“Sweet,” I said holding the card and flipping it over.

“Let’s play ball,” I said.

We climbed down and ran to the front door. We each put on our shoes and then ran down. I raced him and barley won. We clambered down into the basketball court. My Dad was playing a two on two match. They were playing half court so we shot around on the other side. They stopped and we followed them into the kitchen. Levars cook gave us all milkshakes. I sipped as we watched a baseball game.

I left with my Dad. My mom and sister we were waiting outside. They got in the car and went down Owlwood road to Tiburon Blvd. We got off and drove to our favorite Itilan place. Dad had put on sunglasses, but he was still recognizable at 6 and a half feet. We got lots of looks and we drove back. 

“Can I ride my bike to Nemars and get some basketball cards?” I asked Dad.

“Sure,” he said.

I got on my backpack and put my phone in it. I also put three twenties. I texted him and he came down. We rode down taking the normal jump halfway down. We rode on the side, sometimes going on a little dirt on the side. We stopped in at the tennis courts. Two old guys were playing and there was a big crowd. I saw it was a tournament. We got down to the library.

“Could we stop here? I have to return two of my Moms books?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said.

We locked are bikes up and walked in. It was hot inside and he put them on the front desk and we left. We passed the Lodge. Than we ducked into the shopping market and parked our bikes outside on the locks. We walked in. I bought three boxes with 60 cards in each. They were 15.99 each. I had 12.03 dollars left. 

“K, I could get you a card of your Dad for 1.99,” he said.

“Sure,” I said.

He handed the card over. I handed him the money and he handed me back ten. Nemar went up and had spent 50 bucks too.

“Lets get some ice cream,” I said.

We walked out as two kids that were in high school walked in. One shoulder bumped me.

Than the other grabbed me.

  I knew I had pepper spray in my back pocket. I whipped it out and sprayed. He fell to the ground and I backed away and held it in the other’s direction. 

I saw the manager of the store on the phone with the police.

Soon the car arrived. We explained the case.

“Well, that’s a fine for sure and they will both go to court,” he said.

We each got 200 out of the kids pockets. I bought some more cards and he did too. I walked out with 11 boxes.  We had spent 130 dollars with the money we spent before each so we had 130 left.

“Lets get some ice cream,” I said.

“What will happen next?” Namar asked.

We both laughed and my phone rang.

My mom called.

I answered it.

“Hey Ma, I got a lot to tell you,” I said.

“You said you’d be back at two,” she said.

“Oh sorry, we’re going to get some ice cream now. I’ll explain when I get home,” I said.

“Ok be safe,” she said.

I hung up. He had heard since I had it on speaker.

“We were so safe you couldn’t believe it,” Nemar said.

We both laughed.

We rode down passing a couple people from the pancake place next to the bike rental shop by the fountain. We crossed the street and entered the candy store.

“What can I get for you boys?” the old grandma that ran it asked.

“I’m going to get some chocolates,” I said.

“Ok, Karen well you help him,” the woman said.

I got five chocolates  when I got a text.

“Get a box of chocolates,” mom had written.

I ordered an extra box and put it in my bag. We road back and then I saw Nemar’s Dads car in the library.

We went over and found him signing some kid shirts. He offered to take us home and we accepted. We told what had happened.

“I’ll get you some pepper spray in your backpocket,” Levar said.

I rode and told Mom what had happened.

“Wow, where’s the chocolates?” she asked.

I handed her the box.

“Those are for Aunt Karen,” she said.

I took the boxes to my room and got Dad to sign the card. I climbed up the latter. I had the same display just I had all the cards in a box. I opened my box that could hold 200 cards. I had it half way. I got a text and it was Nemar. 

“Can I come over?” he asked.

I texted back, “Hows bads the smell?”

“Stop it, can i?”

“Sure,” I said.

Soon I heard a knock at the door.

“Why that’s a lot of cards dear,” I heard my Mom say.

“We’re opening together,” he said.

I heard him run down and he climbed up. I had a mini closet where I stored my boxes of cards up there. Some space we didn’t use. I opened it up and took out a box. I opened it up and got ready to put the cards in. We took turns opening. At the end I had about 700 cards. He went home. Mom made sandwiches for dinner and we ate. I finished and went to bed.

The next morning Dad was going to the stadium. I decided to tag along. He slid his bag in the trunk of Levar’s car. We drove into San Francisco and parked. We ran in.

All the players were walking around in the locker room. We shared a locker and I had put on my Warriors Jersey. It said Jackson Junior and had a big 3. 

The coach was going over some plays. They were doing 5 on 5 with two subs on each team. It was now mid august.

We moved back to our San Francisco home and so did Nemar. I stacked my seven boxes of cards in the closet. I liked the other home better, but it was ok. We started school which was down the hill from our house.I road my bike down and started class in fourth grade.

“Get your missions out,” Mrs. Molly said.

I got my tiny model of The Sonoma Mission. We studied them until snack where I crushed in basketball. My team had started practicing. Our team had been the worst last year when other players were on it that we’re now on the Pro level. The Worst team got to pick first. Our coach, coach Johnson they called him had picked me at Small forward, Nemar at Point Guard, Brady at shooting guard, Ion at Power Forward, and Daniel at center. Daniel was new, but with the first practice he seemed great.

After school I was going to the stadium. It was pretty far away. I waited outside until Dad’s car showed up. Everyone mobbed it and we got in and drove off with a door open.

I just played on the xbox they had in the locker room. I played the whole time. We drove back and after the next day of school I waited outside the gym. Our coach came.

We all got ready and we worked on plays.

It was soon October, the warriors first basketball game. I was sitting with Nemar right behind the Warriors. We always sat there. I carved my name under the seat. The Warriors won by 20 points. The next was our first game. 

It was a Saturday so I went to Nemars and practiced. After we had milkshakes.

“Lets go,” I said.

My Dad drove us to the gym at the high school. We shot around and went to the Locker room. He told us what plays we’d be using. We then walked out to the bench. The other team was from South Bay. They wore all yellow that hurt my eyes to look at. I told the team my Dad would call out plays that we would not listen to.

They announced to us and I stripped off my long pants a pullover. This one didn’t say Junior, but just Jackson. Number 3 was on it. Daneil who was 5-6 easily got the ball and passed it to me. I passed it through the legs to Nemar. They rushed him. They found after the first quarter they needed to double team someone, but they couldn’t leave someone else since we would all score. Coach pulled Brady, Nemar, and Ion.

I brought up the ball. The kid guarding me was easily head shorter. I switched off to the Power Forward that had three fouls. I quickly draw one and got three shots. At the end of the 2nd it was 32-11. They quickly made it 40-27. They kept edging closer. At 5 minutes left in the fourth it was 54-51. Coach put me in. They called two fouls and more on us. Horrible calls. Now it was 56-55. I brought up the ball, I was open from three point land and shot. Swish. 59-55. They came down. I ran over to guard and the Power Forward grabbed my shirt and threw me into the center.

“Technical Foul,” the ref yelled.

I clapped.

“Why are you clapping its on you?” the Power Forward asked.

Than I saw their shooting guard was shooting.

“He threw me,” I yelled.

“You have no proof,” he said.

I knew Dad was filming. I rushed over and got his phone. I rushed to the ref.

“Here than,” I said.

I skipped forward and showed him.

“There you grabbed on to him and he shook you off,” he said and walked away.

I handed the phone back. Coach put all the starters in. I brought the ball up and threw it down low to Daneil. The center shoved him over. No call. I was super mad. I put a screen in front of their star. He ran right into me. 

“Foul,” the ref said.

“That’s a moving screen,” a fan yelled.

I was furious. They had the lead by three.

They missed both shots and we brought the ball up. I knew how I could get a call. We did some screens and I was open. I got the ball and a guy came jumping in to me. I shot it just before he landed on me.

He swore and punched me. The ref separated us. I got one shot and the ball. I swished it. We brought the ball up and they fouled. We were now ahead by three. They came down and got another call. Four point play. Soon they were ahead by 5. Ion nailed a three and they brought it down with 23 seconds. I ran at the kid from his side and punched the ball. It bounced out of his hands and Brady grabbed it. He ran up and got ready to shoot. He shot anda  kid blocked him. I recovered it. We passed it around and then they hit one. I grabbed it at the halfcourt line and dribbled up. I was two seconds left. I shot. It was rainbow. It went. We all watched as it didn’t touch anything.

“Whooooo,” I yelled.

A kid ran me and punched me. He started chasing me. I ran to our sideline. I grabbed some water in  gatorade and hit him with it. I then got the pepper spray from under my seat. I sprayed him right in the face. Another kid came at me and I kicked him and got him.

Nemar now had his out too. The ref broke it up and suspended them. I left in a hurry.

“That was awesome,” Nemar said.

“I’m writing to the League, he was horrible that ref,” Dad said.

The next day Dad sent them calls. I was riding my bike around and Francisco with Brady and Nemar. We had bought a couple packs of basketball cards and we strolling around the skatepark. 

“Let’s get some chocolates,” I said.

We got some lunch and ate at some picnic tables. I saw two people with a wheelbarrow. San Francisco had crazies, but that looked like kidnapping.

I pointed it out.

“Ok, what should we do?” Brady asked.

“We both got pepper spray,” I said pulling mine out.

“If they come close we scatter,” I said.

“I got nothing though,” Brady said.

“You’re going to call the cops with this,” I said showing him my phone.

I quickly texted Dad our language. I said.

“Pepper Flakes razzing SF park 101,” I wrote and sent.

He got back, “With Purple bunnies.”

“My Dads on the way,” I said.

They saw us and we were pointing.

“Here,” I said, handing him the phone. He called and disgusted as his Mom.

“Is she ok?” I asked really loudly.

Then I saw the guys strolling at us.

I jumped up and slid the spry up my coat pocket. I ran. The bigger guy was chasing me. I sprayed some and I heard him get it, he fell down. I jumped on him and sprayed it all around. Several families were getting up now. 

I heard sirens. The two guys did too. I quickly grabbed their rope and tied the feet.

I then saw Dads sleek black car. He had come from the hills. He got out. He ran over and grabbed the two. He pulled out a two tasers and shot each. The police car arrived.

“Ok, thats money for you,” he said.

He took out their wallets and found lots of cash. He split it between us. He took the men. We finished eating and then road home.

It was a hard hill and I walked my bike up it. Levar’s was down lower than ours so I said goodbye to Nemar and road Belgrave Avenue. We were the first one and  walked in. 

Our last game of the season was after the Warriors game. It was Spring Break so I would go to both. The game started at 10 AM. A morning game. They were playing the Lakers who were pretty good. Today I was sitting in a box. With my whole team. We had been voted by the Warriors their Little League team. We would play the Lakers team. We started stretching. We would play during half time. The tip came. The refs were the same and they were good. I had a quick 8 points. It was tied 12-12 when the Warriors came back. Dad took the coaching role.

He put me back in. I got the ball off a screen and shot. Three swished. They came down and I stole it. I got a layup. I was performing like crazy. They were somehow ahead a two at the end. I got the ball at halfcourt with 5 seconds left. I fumbled it and threw the ball up. It didn’t touch anything. I put my hands in the air.

“43 big steal,” I yelled.

The whole team got up and we did our dance. Everyone was laughing. It was a close game at the end. Dad got the ball and they pressured him. He was forced to shoot from the logo as well. He fell down, they didn’t call a foul. Our whole team was now on the ground. We each had our favorite warriors jersey in our hand. I watched aths e ball went in. We celebrated than the each signed our jersey.

I took some pictures with my Dad. The Warriors had left us play in here.They moved a hoop up and put some temporary lines on. Most of the warriors were staying to watch us. The team turned out out be only ok. They had no match for Daneil expect fouling like most teams. He had been drafted 6th on our team and was one of the best. I hadn’t played and it was the third. Coach put me in and they had all their subs in. I crushed. They had lowered the hoops to nine feet. I stole the ball and ran. I jumped and dunked on the hoop. Some people had paid the 5 dollars to stay. Camera men were everywhere. Then someone stole the ball from me. It should have been a foul. I raced down and. He threw up a layup and I jumped and blocked it. It was almost the end of the third so I grabbed, ran down to the logo and shot. Swish. Some of the Lakers had stayed back and were booing. I ran over to the sideline and got a can of fart spray. I ran over and sprayed it. They booed more.

We crushed them 65-25. I got MVP of the game. We got to the Finals. It was a big deal since the Warriors had brought up Daneils Dad from Santa Cruz. He went to the games with us. All three of them were sitting at the sideline. People filed in the arena. The other was crazed by the stadium. Our team had been to five games and they knew what it was like. They didn’t lower of bring the hoops closer. They crushed us in the first. Then we came back to take the lead in the second. Coach had held up on Daneil. They couldn’t do anything since their star center was hurt.

The best kid on their team and my defender guarded me. I tossed it to Ion who sunk a three. We started nailing. 

“That is their 15th three of the night,” the announcer said after Daneil swished one.

They came up and shot. He jumped and landed on my foot. He was carted off.

Soon he came back with a broken leg. Now they had no chance. He had boosted about the Lakers earlier so I decided it was ok, but still bad. We hit 23 three before coach pulled us. The bench had a great game and we set a record for most threes and most points. We finished with 108. We each got a trophy. School ended and we moved back. I put all my cards back and got settled.

I got up and climbed out of bed. It was busy in the kitchen. Dad had gone to get Emily’s friends for her birthday. I ate some cereal. Mom came in messing with the pots. I road around now everyday with Nemar and Brady. He lived over here, but played in San Francisco since his Dad worked there. I got on my backpack which had my normals in it. I slipped my phone in my pocket and pulled out the card I owed Brady. It was my Dad’s autograph. I got my bike outside and slid under the garage as it closed. I got to the gate and opened it. I went through than closed it.

Nemar came down and I joined up with him. It took ten minutes to get into town. We rode down to Lyford Drive and went up. We got to the apartment complex and Brady was there. We took the 4 minute route to Town and road to our normal spot. We liked to catch the park scene. Some highschoolers were playing basketball.

“Look at these wimps, we’ll play you,” they said.

“Sure,” I said and got up.

It was 2 v3. They called some friends and we had a huge crowd. 

“You guys want to call anybody?” they asked.

“I will,” I said.

I texted Dad, We’re two vs threeing these high schoolers. Can you come and watch?
He replied, “sure thing, I’ll come to the front and go in my porsche.”

“They’re on their way,” I said.

We took turns warming up. Soon I heard the rev.

“We can start,” I said.

“You guys start,” they said.

“No you,” I said.

They scored and called winners. Than Dad walked over. Everyone stopped.

He sat down.

They air balled the shot. I got the ball and they double me. I rolled it through their legs to Nemar who drained a three. We hit four threes before they stopped us. Than they missed. Soon it was 27-5. A lot of people had gathered. We were still swishing. It ended when the basketball tournament needed the courts. Normally we had already eaten and were ready to watch the games. We went to the place we got pizza. We each got a soda and a candy bar. We ran back and sat down. The kids were next to us.

“You never told us you were Kendrik Jackson’s son,” he said.

“And we had Levar Scott’s son,” I said.

They looked at each other.

“Totally unfair,” he said.

The two teams began. 

“Can I have a slice?” one high schooler asked.

“Sure,” I said.

I took the crust from one, licked it and threw it at him. We all laughed.

Than a bunch of high schooler started chasing us. They were fast without bikes. 6 of them. I knew I had my spray in my backpack, but I was to afraid to get it out. I finally turned it around unzipped the pocket. I put it back and yelled, “Formation.”

Brady took the lead.

“Fire,” I yelled.

Nemar and I both sprayed and the guys fell on their knees. 

That was it I hope you enjoyed it. Leave comments for ideas and please subscribe, like, and view.

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