6 MLB Teams that will dominate the MLB

There is 6 under estimated teams that are going to crush the MLB in this years playoffs and the 2020-2021 season. This article will tell you much teams will do it.

  1. Rays

The Rays have a great lineup and find stars, but than don’t have the money to pay them and they have to let them go and they become a star on another team. Such as Evan Longoria coming to the Giants. They traded Will Myers to the Padres also. They have Blake Snell who is a great pitcher. They have Tommy Pham who is just a great all around player. Willy Adames is aiming for 20 Home Runs this season. Kevin Kiermaier is very fast and his projected stolen bases is 22 and he approaching it rather fast. Yandy Diaz is a all around great player when not dealing with injuries.

2. Athletics

The A’s have a great roster, but have the same problem with the Rays. They have a great roster. They have two great pitchers, Mike Fiers and Brett Anderson who are both amazing. They have Stephen Piscotty, Mark Canha, and Robbie Grossman. They have Marcus Semien who I think will have 30 Home Runs this year. Third Baseman Matt Chapman who is hiting at over 30 Home Runs. Matt Olson is nearing 30 Home Runs.

Image result for twins logo

3. Twins

The Twins. With Eddie Rosario, Max Kepler, and Bryon Buxton the Twins have have almost 75 Home Runs. Nelson Cruz has crushed almost 35 Home Runs. Miguel Sano at 3rd has almost 60 RBI. The Twins will make the cut next year that may lead to a Word Series title. They even could win on this year.

4. Nationals

Even though the Nationals lost Bryce Harper they are better than Bryce Harpers team the Phillies. They have Juan Soto with a .295 batting average, Victor Robles who is approaching 20 Home Runs and is having an amazing season. And the most important Adam Eaton who is an all around good player. Anthony Rendon is approaching 35 Home Runs. They have tons of good players.

5. Braves

Ronald Acuna Jr is rocking with almost 40 Home runs. Freddie Freeman is a great first baseman is smashing through the MLB with 38 Home Runs. Ozzie Albies is almost at a .300 batting average. Josh Donaldson is a great home run hitter.

6. Giants

I know I talk a lot about the Giants, but they are going to be a good team. They have Brandon Crawford who will dive for any thing. Kevin Pillar is a greta athlete. Madison Bumgarnder is great. Will Smith is a great closer. They are bound to make the wild card next season.

That raps it up for today. I will have more baseball news soon.

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