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Do you want to read something? You can get a free preview by scrolling down and deciding if you want to read 50 Cents. Well you can read a free book, by Brady, owner of Brady’s Farm. You can receive this free book by subscribing and entering your email so I can send you a free copy of this book. Soon I will publish a quiz for this.


I woke up in our family house. My sister, brother, and parents all slept there. It was three bed rooms. Dad had a farmers market. I climbed out and ate some toast. I changed into some normal clothes and walked out to the parking lot which was my job. It was next to our house a field where people parked for the gambling house next to it. I walked out to my stand. 

Nico was in his spot where he directed cars to their spots. The car came over. An old Ford pickup truck. He rolled down his window and I walled over.

“Is this your first time parking in Banito?” I asked.

“Nah, I am parking for three hours,” he said.

“Its 50 cents the first hour and 30 each other, so you well total at a dollar and 10 cents,” I said.

He pulled the cigar out of his mouth and put a dime and a bill in my hand.

“Go on through,” I said.

I put the money in our box and the next BMW came up.

“I know your stick, I’m parking all day, he said.

“12 hours?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

That well be 2 dollars and 50 cents,” I said.

He handed me the 10 quarters and I put them away. The wind blew through and a mango came down in front of me. Soon we filled up and I put up the sign. Nico and I counted the money. We had earned 23 dollars. Nico went to put it at the house. I got ready to start charging people double. We normally made about 30 dollars since we nailed people that stayed longer than they paid they paid double. 

I waited with all the car keys. I had all the amounts they had paid on a sheet of paper. The first guy came back I handed him his keys.

“Most pay extra,” I said.

“I was in control of myself,” he said.

He drove out and I opened up the lot. A car came in at once. 

“All day,” he said.

I put the money away and they left. My clock dinged which meant four cars were out. They had five minutes to come back. I waited and then wrote down the names. Soon it was lunch and I went back and brought back some food. At 6 o’clock the 10 hour people came back. I started counting the extra money we had made. People haven’t paid enough we had already made 12 dollars from extra. Soon the parking lot emptied and I put up the closed sign since we were only open on the weekends. The next morning I walked outside to Dads old truck he loaded with fruit. I helped him with the last crate and climbed in the back and he drove off.

We got to the corner we always went to and I raised the sign up. Nico and Dad the crates out well I started to sell. 

We sold out fast and went home to pick. 

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