NFL Preseason Rankings

So the Preseason has started and its on game 3 or 4 for some teams. We are going to look at who is doing good and who is not.

The Patriots lead the AFC East with a 3-0 record. In 2nd for the AFC East is The Bills who are 2-0. In 3rd is the Dolphins who are 2-1 and the Jets come in last with 1-1.

The Ravens lead the AFC North with a 3-0 Record. Behind them is the Browns and Steelers tied at 2-0. In last is the The Bengals are 1-2.

In the AFC South Two teams are tied at 1-1 and they are The Titans and the Texans. Next is the Colts at 0-2, and behind them is the Jaguars at 3-0.

Image result for afc west picture

In the AFC West is the Raiders leading with 3-0. Than the Cheifs in second at 1-1. Behind them the Broncos are 1-2 and back even more is the Chargers at 0-2.

In the NFC.

In the NFC East is the Giants with 3-0. Than the Cowboys at 1-1, and behind them is the Redskins and Eagles tied at 1-2.

In the NFC North the Vikings lead 2-0. Than in 2nd is Packers at 1-2 and behind that is The Lions and Bears tied at 0-2.

In the NFC South is the Bucs and Saints tied for first at 1-1. The Panthers are at 1-2. The Falcons are at 0-4.

In the NFC West is the 49ers with a 2-0 Record. Than comes the Seahawks and Cardinals with 1-1. Behind that is the Rams at 0-2.

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