NBA Playoff Teams Prediction

In this post I will be displaying some teams that are going to make the playoffs and who will play who.

I decided to start off with the teams so here we go.

  1. The Clippers-getting Kawaii Leonard and Paul George I think they well get to the number one seed.
  2. The Lakers- The Lakers are going to be good, but not as good as everybody thinks.
  3. The Nuggets, The Nuggets are one of the most underrated teams in the NBA
  4. New Orleans- They got Zion Williamson who is not going to be good at people think, but still amazing and some other young talent.
  5. The Golden State Warriors, I know Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins left, but they got D’Angelo, Curry, Draymond, and Klay when he comes back.
  6. The Rockets- They have a great team with Russel.
  7. The Portland Traiblazers- They got talent, Lillard, some centers, and other young talent.
  8. The Jazz are underrated along with the Nuggets. They have a amazing roster.

Most People see I did not add the Thunder to this list. I think they are going to be one game back from the Jazz or Portland. If Chris Paul can average 20 Points and ten Assists they may take the Jazz’s spot.

Breaking Down the Teams

The Clippers-They have Patrick Beverly and Lou Williams to handle point guard. I think Patrick Beverly is going to have to work on playing more defense will Lou Williams will probably come off the bench and in that case he will probably have to be a mixed player.

The Lakers- LeBron James has to share the ball with others.

Nuggets- Gary Harris has to prove he can drain threes.

New Orleans- Brandon Ingram has to really focus and be a great emergency shooter.

Golden State- D’Angelo Russell needs to show everybody he fits in with the team.

Rockets-Russel Westbrook needs to pass the ball more.

Portland-Rodney Hood needs to be a clutch shooter.

Jazz- Mike Conley needs to prove he is good.

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