3 NFL teams that are going to surprise people

There are 3 NFL teams that are going to be shockers.

  1. The Vikings are going to be a top prospect.

Let’s look at their key players to making the playoffs.

  • Kirk Cousins is a key player in the process.
  • Dalvin Cook had only 2 touchdowns and 615 rushing yards last year. If they were to make the playoffs they need him to bump up his game.
  • Stefon Diggs just has to play like he always had and well be key.
  • Adam Thielen will have to bump up his game even though it already is at a maximum level.
  • Kyle Rudolph is going to have to hit 10 Touchdowns for them to be considered.
  • Their defense has to stay strong and prove they can play.

2. The Falcons are even high than the Vikings

They could make it to the Conference Championships or to the Super Bowl if they focus and make sure these players play amazing.

  • Matt Ryan has to throw as many completions as he can
  • Devonta Freeman has to average 8 yards per attempt, previously in 2018 he averaged 4.9
  • Julio Jones has to let the other young guys make themselves well catching. He has a the most important rule for this team.
  • Calvin Ridley is going to up his game to average 15 yards from his 2018 rookie season 12.8
  • Mohamed Sanu has to make sure he records lots of touchdowns and proves his name since he has been in the NFL since being drafted in the 3rd round at number 83.

3. The Saints

The Saints have to remember who they are and really focus

  • Drew Brees has to prove he can be just like Tom Brady with the age of 40 Brady just two years older. Brees needs to show he can throw as many touchdowns at Brady.
  • Alvin Kamara being picked 3rd round in 2017 needs to really show he can get 15 touchdowns, he got 14 last year and got 2nd in the NFL.
  • Micheal Thomas has to boost his touchdowns to 15 for them to have a chance.
  • Ted Ginn Jr. has to really boost his touchdowns and push through his old age of 34. He had 2 Touchdowns last season and I think he needs 7 for them to get to the Super Bowl.
  • Jared Cook has to block like a offense lineman for Kamara to get lots of rushing yards.
  • Cameron Jordon needs to keep up with the sacks, last season he had 12.

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