2019 Book of epic NBA Plays

Today we well be viewing some of the top NBA plays for the 2018-2019 season.

Here we start it off with the best 50 plays, I will be reviewing the top five below.

5. The Rockets, Chris Paul juked out D.J. Willson with 7.59 left in the 2nd quarter and nails a three to take a 7 point lead. The bench go’s crazy after he adds 3 points to their score.

4.The Lakers, Lance Stephenson stepped on Karl Anthony-Towns foot to make him fall backwards. The bench runs out all the way to the basket to celebrate.

3. The Hawks are down 134-135 to the Bucks. There is 1.1 seconds left in overtime. The hawks are throwing it in. John Collins gets it as the hoop and his defender paws it away. Trae Young grabs it and the ball bounces into the hoop for the win.

2. The Warriors are playing the Lakers in LA and Curry steals the ball from JaVale MeeGee and throws a behind the back pass. Let’s rewind who’s going down court. Kevin Durant took off and gets the ball and Cardwell-Pope try to run. Durant comes down and dunks it.

  1. The Thunder are playing the Pistons and hold a 86-90 lead with 2 and a half minutes left in the 3rd. Russel Westbrook comes down and does a spin move and throws it over Stanley Johnson to Steven Adams who dunks it and takes a six point lead.

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