4 Reasons the MLB is juicing Balls

Players have been jacking home runs this year. There is 3 easy reasons that they are making them easier to hit. With the reason why they are doing it at the end.

Cody Bellinger hitting a Home Run
  1. If you look in the NL Home Run Leaders you well see that Bellinger leads them with 42. The Dodgers still have 36 games left to play in their season. Now let’s rewind. Back in 2015 at the end of the regular season Bryce Harper led the NL with 42 Home Runs. Chris Davis led the NL with 47.

This just doesn’t make sense. The Dodgers have 36 Games left, let’s say Cody plays 30 on them and hits a homer every two games. That is 15 more home runs equaling 57.

How does this happen, just all of a sudden 4 years later someone hits 15 more homers.

Image result for MLB team photo
All the MLB teams

2. The games scores are going up. I picked a random date, Wednesday August 14th. There was 15 Games that day. All of those games had a final score of 183. That is 30 Teams divided by 183 averaged out at 6.1 runs per team. Of course some scored more.

There was 4 games with a combined score of under 1-10, 3 games had a combined score of 10, There was eight games 10-20, and two games over 20.

Scores never used to be this high, most games had about 4 runs, if you had 6 it was super fun to watch.

Mike Yastrzemski smacking a 472 Home Run.

3. This kind of go’s with number one, but not acutely. The other day the Giants played the Diamondbacks.

The Game went to 11 innings and the Giants won 10-9. Lets rewind on those runs though.

There was 1 Home Runs in that game, 6 by the Giants, 6 by the Diamondbacks. Note Mike Yastrzemski hit three home runs in that game. There was only two other plays that scored runs that weren’t home runs.

Another game was way back on Saturday, July 15th. The Red Sox and Dodgers faced with Red Sox star Chris Sale pitching was facing off on Dodgers, Stripling. The Red Sox lost 11-2. There was five home runs in that game with the Red Sox with one and Dodgers with four. That just isn’t right.

Manny Machado hitting his first Home Run

4. Here is a reason the MLB is juicing balls. Pitchers have started to throw different pitches that are harder to hit. People don’t want to us a 1-0 game with two walks and a double. They want to see lots of action. So the MLB made balls easier to hit so that when the players do connect instead of going 300 feet it goes a Home Run

If there isn’t runs people aren’t going to stay and people aren’t going to view highlights of home runs online which brings ad money to the MLB.

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