4 Great Sports Books

So summer can be boring for people. I wrote a post recently that explained what to do and I have another one right here. You can purchase the books by clicking the photos.

4. Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica

I love this book and have read it 4 times. It is so fun and a great way to teach compassion.

3. Safe at Home by Mike Lupica

This is a great, great, great, book and I rank it high i my books read list.

2. The Big Game by Tim Green

This is a great book and I love it.

  1. Right here you don’t have to buy anything. Brady’s Farm books. Once you fallow you can post in the comments bar, “I need a book” if you want a sports book for example you can just say I want a sports book. All you have to do if fallow Bradys Farm. No purchase nescarry. I offer two free books that you can search for and read. I do take requests also. You can request how long, most are 10-20 pages. A couple are down to 6-7. You will have to post your email in a Google form and I will email you.

Thanks for being on Brady’s Farm. Highly recommend trying outdone of my books and I love feedback on them. If you have imagined a book put your email in the form and I will emil with you.

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