Board? Activity stop do over the summer

If you/child is board come to Bradys farm.

I will be holding the baseball card teams which can keep a little one busy for about half an hour.

You can also start playing a new game. NBA live is a very fun game that is free, fun, and 4+. Many users left because they made not as fun a couple years back, but now it is just as fun and much easier to get elites.

You can even chat with the Bradys farm owner is you join The Boss Club. You have to be at overall 84 which sounds like high but ou start at 58-59 and you get to 70 in 15-30 minutes of playing. Even if you play for just 10 minutes a day you can join my league. We have 8 people and do tournaments and as of today are undefeated.

I am also selling 29 DVDs on eBay. These are classics. You could see Annie, Cinderella, Curious George, Bugs Life, and many other movies. You can bid and buy now right here. Just to remember you are supporting a kid. This money well go to getting a couple more baseball cards and more website time.

Another idea if you collect some kind of trading card is to make teams like I am doing. It is really fun and you can play matches agnist them. Once you make a team you can post it in the comments bar of any post and I will give you some tips.

Baseball Card teams picking start July 22nd so make sure to get ready. Remember you have to fallow Bradys Farm to enter.

Make sure to tell about the greatness of Bradys Farm. See you next time.

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