Baseball Card Teams

So I talked about baseball card teams yesterday and I’m just going to fallow myself up. These are just like baseball teams so if you’re into baseball sign up to be a fallowed and comment. There well be 11 spots for you to take. you just comment in any of my posts. You can say “I want XX team” By XX I mean team number 1-11. Look for me to reply, I will either say that is taken or not.

How the well work. I got a 2019 Topps Opening Day box with 252 cards for 27.99. There is 36 packs with 7 cards in each. Each team has three packs so there well be 21 cards in each. I will do trades and you can commit if you ike them or not. This will last about two-three weeks and if you are not a follower I will not accept you and delete your comment.

Once someone chooses a team I will do a post within in five days and well tell everyone their team. Some teams do not have a third baseman, catcher, 2nd, SS, or first base so I will put another player at the position if no teams do a trade.

I now what you’re thinking, no prize. There is a prize. You get me to post about something (sports related) once. You will get one post and I will include your website name in the post.

Here is the link to get the 2019 Topps Opening Day Hobby Box for less than 30 dollars

You can start commenting July 22. Make sure to fallow before you comment or else you well not get accepted.

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