Flashback of Sports

In this post I’m going to be covering some things that happened in sports.

  1. The Grizzlies won the NBA summer league. I am going to give you the record of every NBA team: Grizzlies 6-1, Timberwolves 6-1(lost in final), Celtics 4-1, Pistons 8-1, Thunder 4-1, Suns 3-1, Nets 4-2, Pelicans 4-2, Mavericks 3-2, Heat 3-2, Clippers 3-2, Warriors 3-2, Rockets 3-2, Trailblazers 2-3, Knicks 2-3, Hawks 2-3, Kings 2-3, Spurs 2-3, Jazz 2-3, Wizzards 2-3, Cavaliers 2-3, Bucks 2-3 Magic 2-3, Raptors 2-3, Hornets 2-3, 76ers 2-3, Bulls 2-3, Nuggest 1-3, Lakers 1-4, and Pacers 1-4. If your team got a record above .500 which would be the (Rockets and up) please post a comment saying We beat 500.
  2. I know I talk a little to much about the Warriors, but this involves other teams. Bob Myers, Warriors GM, spoke the fallowing words: “Part of our job in the front office and the coaching staff and the organization is, ‘How does it all work?’ … So much of our sport at least, and maybe other sports, is, ‘What are you doing next?’ We got to figure out what we’re doing now.” He spoke a little more, but I’m going to get to the point. This is probably not going to happen, but Klay was born in LA. He is 6 years older than De’Angelo Russel (23). Curry is the oldest player on the Warriors at 31. Curry was born in Ohio. He has about maybe 5 years left of his career. Would he want to play for Cleavalnd. Some facts to bring to point, Curry has played Clealvland in eh finals a lot, he likes the Warriors Organization, and Golden State still have some good players. Klay is 29 and may want to retire in Los Angels where he was born. Remember the Clippers are a LA team too. Paul George is the same age as Klay and Kawaii is one year younger. They may play together at some point.
  3. Look I know I’m from the Bay Area and mainly talk about their teams, but look at the Giants. They are doing pretty good. They are almost at .500 and they are 8-2 in their last 10 games. They have started to click. They are now at .484. These Giants probably won’t make the playoffs because they have the Dodgers a Diamondbacks ahead of them. They are 3 games back for a spot in the Wild Card with Nationals and Phillies have it right now than comes the Brewers, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, and than there is San Fransisco.
  4. So Bradysfarm bought a 2019 Opening Day box along with some other cards. I am making teas which I will be doing trades between, playing the other teams with and more soon. There well be 11 teams and you can take your choice of a team that you can fallow through the season and if you win the season you will get a post from Bradysfarm of your choice. You well not have control of the teams.
  5. So here we are the end. I will post soon for the first team. You have to comment in the post saying I want XXXXX team. Only followers well get a team so make sure to fallow Bradysfarm to get one of the 11 teams. See you next time on Bradysfarm.com.

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