10 signings on Day 1

This is just a recap on what happened yesterday. A lot of things.

Image result for Kevin durant, kyrie, deAndre jordan in nets uniforms
  1. The Nets picked up Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordon. Kevin Durant and DeAndre are very good friends and Kyrie is also a big friend of each of them. Here is just there lineup currenly. D’Angelo Russel is making a deal with the Warriors so Kyrie well take his place. They have Caris LaVert at Shooting Guard and Kevin Durant who well be rehabbing most the season at Small Forward. Taurean Prince well take his spot for now. They might do some of their centers at Power Forward since they have a lot of good centers such as Jarret Allen, Ed Davis, and DeAndre Jordon.
  2. The Warriors are going to trade for D’Angelo Russel. That well take care of Klays injury. They well trade Igoudala to Memphis with some pick son some sort.
  3. Some others people that signed deals.
  4. Heat are doing a Sign and Trade deal with Philadelphia where they well get Jimmy Butler and give some people away.
  5. Pacers pick up Brogan, 4 Year 85 Million dollar deal.
  6. Beverly 40 million 3 year deal with Clippers.
  7. Vucevic rejoining Magic on 4 year, 100 Million deal
  8. Harrison Barns is staying in Sacramento on a four year 85 Million dollar deal
  9. Kemba Walker expect to sign with Celtics
  10. Jazz adding Bagdanovic deal undetermined.

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