Story Saturday #2

I know everybody love last story Saturday and hopefully and I can keep posting them at least once a month. Remember when I reach 60 followers I will be putting a A Journey. Some of you remember i posts the first tow pages. That willl be over four day since i is nearly 40 pages long. If you like these tell your friends and family to fallow so you can read the new book. Here is this one. it is called Battle.

My day started like all other ones. We were in the city. All the rock buildings were heavy with due. 

I opened the chest of clothes I kept in the corner of my room. I took out a pair of black pants. I then put on a white shirt. I walked out. I climbed down the latter and into the Bakery. Dad was there. He was making the pastries with Mom. Amelia was rolling some bread out. I took a small piece and ate my breakfast. We were in the city of Bulford. We were under war with the city upshore, Klenis. 

“You can open.”

I ran over to the door and flipped the sign from closed. I unlocked the door from the hatch. I got back behind the counter. A woman came in.

“A roll of bread please.”

I took one out and handed it. She put down a silver coin and left. I dropped it in the bag. Everyone was stressed. An attack was coming in and everybody knew it.

“Joe, we need you to get the normal.”

“Ok, Ma.”

I took a bag of coins and walked outside. I ran into Town. Soldiers carriages rolled around. I went to the market with the cart we had. It was small. It didn’t need horses. You could pull it. I got honey, flour, butter, milk, and some fruits. I paid for them and brought them back.

Dad took the counter well Mom baked a little more. Amelia, like normal took out the paper and pen. She wrote down problems for me to solve. Schools were closed so teachers could battle. She taught me a little everyday. I was 8 years old.

Outside a carriage went by. The delivery carriage. Not many people came anymore so Amelia and I worked part of the day. We ran outside. Amelia with her blue dress swishing in the wind.

She helped me on and I got in the back. We went more off the coast to where lots of houses were. 

Mr. Frankson yelled, “Get off.”

I took three packages and ran down the gavel streets. I dropped them off at the doorsteps of the cobblestone houses. Some were wood. Kids played outside and nobody was home. I ran back and got on. We finished and he drove us back.

“A bag for each.”

I opened my bag up back in the store and emptied it. I got back on the counter.

“Two bread rolls.”


The women handed me four silver coins and I thanked her.

Two soldiers came bustling in. I handed them each a small piece of bread. They nodded and took out there spears and swords once out of the store. 

It was about noon and I had a small sandwich with a little meat in it. 

“Can I play?” I asked Dad.

“That’s up to your mother.”

I looked at her.


I ran to the latter in the backroom. I climbed up it and on the landing I ran to my room. Amelia was next to mine and Mom and Dad’s was on the next floor. I then decided to climb to the top. 

I got to the attic. There was some boxes and I went to the window. I watched as people came by. Soldiers walked around. I went back down. Dad had sold out and they were making more bread.

Dad was getting on a jacket.



I got on my jacket and we walked out to the carriage. We had a small side yard where our horse lived, Betsy. She was now back from the troops. Dad opened up the gate and helped me on. We rode to the meeting hall. It was dug in the ground where seats were carved. I helped Dad tie her up and we took seats. 

“Scouts from Klenis have been seen. We sent some and found they are hurting.”

The meeting was finished and then I went to bed. The next day I heard battle cry. I ran down stairs.

“What’s going on?”

Mom was done in her pink dress and Amelia was wearing a blue dress.


I ran and got on some shorts. Dad came down and together we ran into Town. We got on a bus and to the shore. We went to the cove of military. We got on a boat and set off. It was big and was controlled from the wind. We sped along and five catapults were wheeled out. We had made bundles of fire starters to throw. I helped fire them. We got to the island. 

“Turn the ship around.”

Just then a huge ball came down and struck the island. The whole island caught fire We got away and drafted the other boats. Dad and I ran back. 

The next day we got back to the shop. 

“What would you like?”

“A sugar roll”

I carefully opened the wood panel and took out the sugar roll with a cloth. I handed it over and they paid. 


“Two sugar rolls.”

I picked two sugar rolls out.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you,” the man said and handed five coins.

I stuffed the last one in my pocket. 

“A bread roll.”

I took one out.

“Three silver coins.”

He handed me three and took the roll. We only made three things, bread rolls and sugar rolls and long bread. We just added items to some. We had slices of bread and sugar bread. We also had a long bread with berries.

“Long bread.”

“First of the day,” I said as I picked it.

The women paid and left. A mom came up with two children.

“A sugar roll and long bread please.”

I took one of each.

“6 silver.”

She handed me the bronze coins and five others.

I put one silver in my pocket and thanked her.

“Sugar roll.”

I nodded and handed over the bread.

“Anymore sugar roll<’ I asked.

“Yeah,” came Amelia’s voice.

She came with a basket of bread and re stoked. I continued you’d selling. Dad took some of the money we had made and ran off. He came back from the store with two swords.

“For each of us.”


The next day I was sent to Town.

Amelia went with me. We were off to school. Bulford had a huge school in Town. We walked to the place. Half was underground and half was above.

We split up and I went to class. I paid for lunch and ate the potatoes.

I walked home.

Dad was there with a new carriage. 

“You learned all you need in school.”

“So I’m not going anymore.”

Dad shook his head.

“Do I have to do delivery?”

“No, he hired new kids.”

“I do need you to get some hay.”

“I’ll go.”

I tied up Betsey to the carriage and went to Town. The normal carriage was there. There was loads of hay in the back.

“1 please.”

The man loaded the huge bundle in the back and I paid him. I got back.

I parked and as I walked in two carriages crashed blocking the road. I ran over. Dad came over.

“Here’s a knife.”

I sheathed the knife. I attached it to my leather shorts. I unsheathed it. Mom came out with Amelia. I saw Amelia lock it. I saw two horses trotting around.

I went to the wreckage. Two shattered carriages. I saw black robes. I soon got a man out. A carriage came and five men went through the wreckage they found two men.

“Fire starters, lots of them.”

The first man was an intruder from Klenis. The second was parking and the man hit him.

“You go back to your jobs.”

We walked inside and opened again. 

“Long bread.”

I handed the bread over and they paid. A short man.

Than a robber came in.

“Give me all the money.”

He held a sword at my throat. Than an arrow hit him in the arm. He fell and I ran around the counter. I disarmed him and Dad came over.

“They’re everywhere.”

I ran over to the carriage they were using and jumped onto it. It wasn’t ope which was unusual. I heard police carriages bells coming. I stabbed my knife in so I could see in. There was bags, boxes, and money all over. Men were around in there cloaks. Than I saw a police fire starter fly at me. I jumped away and ran to our store. They threw fire at the carriages. It started to smoke. Then they put it out and got all the people.

“Twenty of them.”

I unlocked the shop and then the word spread.

“A ship, a ship.”

“Lets go.”

I ran out and got on the horse. WE raced down the main street. It was wide and lots of carriages were going. We stopped at the dock and saw a boat. It was going toward the island. 

“Lets go.”

I threw off my shirt and sheath for my sword and put it on Betsy. I ran into the water and started to swim. I was a great swimmer. The water stung my eyes and wanted me to turn around. I made myself push on.

I streaked in the water and soon I saw the bao right in front of me. They were focused on the boats not me. I climbed aboard. It was a flat ship. On one side there was like a house. I saw beds inside. On the deck were spears, bows, and arrows. They were rolling catapults out and starting to load them.

“Get out of the way kid.”

I ran over to 5 that were not in use. I used my knife and chopped off each of the leather straps. The rowers on either side saw me dit, but couldn’t do anything. I pushed one of the catapults and it went straight towards the others. Than it hits. It shook the boat and I sent the other four. Now everyone was overwhelmed.

“It was the kid.”

I ran and into the house. I climbed up to a window and got onto the roof. 

“Oih, he’s on the roof.”

“Get up there Jenkins.”


“Get up.”

I jumped off the side of the boat and a ship picked me up.

The year flew by and I got awarded to be a gard. I wanted the job and Dad approved. It would be one of his greatest approvals.

I got out of my bed early and put on my guard uniform. I stuck a sword in my back and my backpack on. I ran downstairs. Outside I got on the guard carriage and they took me to the stables. I took the horse I got. I tied the saddle on and slipped my bag in one of the pockets. I rode off. I was on the main street. I sat on her and watched the street.

Than some chaos went up. Tow carriages whipped around the corner. They were two racing carriages. Low to the ground. People ran out of the way.

“Clear, Clear!” I screamed.

I raced after them.

“Clear the road!”

They took a sharp turn and went down to the harbor. A carriage knocked them and they slid out of place. I road back. A carriage was setting up. I watched as he sold. He was selling bed rolls. He sold out quick and as he was getting ready to leave a man came up.  

“A little forward girl.”

Blackin, i had named her stepped forward. Now I could hear the words.

“I’m sorry.”

“Give me one or all the money.”

“I already got rid of the money.”


I kicked her and she raced. People cleared and I got to the carriage. I put out my foot and kicked the man. I quickly climbed down and jumped on him.

The next day I got promoted to a carriage.

I got home early like normal and ate a roll with a nice layer of meat.

“How was the job?”


We were all around the table in the back room.

“How much did we make?”

“10 Gold coins.”

“Need me to transfer it over.”

Dad nodded.

“I will tomorrow.”

I went to bed and woke with my family. They started putting bread on sale. It was harder with three people. Dad now was the cashier and Mom and sister cooked.

“Where’s the money.”


I went to the loose floorboard and triggered the small hatch door. Inside there was six bags.

I took them and brought them outside. I packed them in the back of the carriage and drove to the bank. Outside I parked and carried the bags in.

I waited in line and got to the front.

“What number?”

“Cell 67.”

“Question time, what business do you run?”


“How many items do you sell and what are they?”

“3, Sugar bread, long bread, and bread roll.”

“Good, you can go in.”

I walked into the heavily guarded terminal. I went to 67 and and opened the door. I dropped them in and head them hit more bags. 

I walked out and put on my helmet. I drove in the carriage down to the main street. I sat in the carriage and waited.

I went by our place and through the cloth curtains I saw Dad with his hands up. I pulled and parked. I saw a carriage with a man in it. He is looking into. I climbed n and punched him. I broke two of the wheels. I let the horses go and ring my bell loud. I ran inside and a carriage stopped traffic and two others ran in. The three were in mid action.

“Put your hands up.”

“Can I deal with them?” I asked.

“Sure kid.”

I attacked the others and they took them away.

“Back to your job.”

I nodded and walked outside. I got in my carriage and the horses took me away.

Soon I was put into a battle office. I was put as a battle commander. I would only battle if they really needed me.

I woke up late and scrambled on my clothes. I had a commander’s hat which was navy blue.

I ran to work. It was a stone building, heavily armed.

I identified myself and ran down some hallways to my area. I sat down and opened my file book. I was 11 years old, the youngest person in my building. I worked in the prison selection. I read my notes from yesterday

Man was found trying to destroy a building. Speaks he was from the Klenis tribe and always would be. Said Bulford would be demolished if plan is successful. Is being tested in the mountains.

I needed to know what he was talking about. Jus than a commander ran down the hall.

“Meeting, meeting.”

The other two were Sam and Dan. They were working on someone else.

We walked down to the meeting area.The battle chief and leader of the village were  there. I took a seat and watched.

“Scouts have just been back from the mountains.”

I pulled out my pad of paper and begin scribbling down.

“They have identified a big valley. There they saw lots of quick made houses. They saw tons of soldiers. They brought made a necklace,” he showed us all a necklace with an X and circle around it.

“Does anyone know what they are doing or who they are?”

I stood, “I do.”

“What section are you in?”


“Say what you want,” he said.

“We caught someone trying to burn down a building, he said he was from the Klentis tribe. He said if the plan succeed Bulford would be destroyed. He also said the plan was in the mountains.”

“That is important,” the leader said.

I sat down.

“I’d like you to explain this to our scout team after this.”

I nodded.

He ended the meeting and I ran back and got all my notes. I went to the scout’s room. I sat at a table and five commanders came in.

“Do you have more notes?”


I unfolded the paper.

He wore a black cloak and had a necklace with the same symbol. Didn’t care much he was going to jail. Said it was for the team. He would be the key to take down Bulford.

I read it aloud and they thought.

“We’ll send some scouts up. I want to talk to this man.”

“I can have him come at 2 o’clock.”

“We will be here.”

It was 12 o’clock now so I Ate lunch I had brought. I got in one of the carriages I could use and drove to the prison. I got him tied up and took him back. I escorted him through with his eyes closed and we sat in the room. The scouts asked him and he answered how he to me.

“The scouts have left.”

The man we sent back and I left.

I got home and went to bed. Today I wasn’t late and I got to work early. I opened my notes. I had finished the case, so now I was on our jail. I was with the other guys now.

I pulled out a design sheet.

“If we install some metal pegs in there they wouldn’t be able to cross.”

“They escaped there though<’ Dan said citing to a spot.

“Now we updated it though.”


Than a guard came in.

“More people.”

I grabbed my bag and we ran each to a carriage. I was taken to a street where a guard was son the man.

“I’ll take him.”

I took him to a room in the jail and locked the door.

“Can I have his notes?”

A guard handed me a sheet of paper.


“Not telling you.”

I pulled out my sword.


“Not telling you.”

“Let’s try this again.”


“Not telling you.”

I quickly got him in a choking position.


“Agular Mistivin.”

“Why did you come?”

“Do you know Ion Hopkins?”

“Why do you need to know?”

“I was sent to kill him,” he said than covering his mouth.

“Ah, you’re from the mountains.”

“He told that too.”

“Foolish of you. We will now get all the information.”

I told him and we got him to the pit. The fire was lit.

“If You don’t answer we dip you.”


“What is the plan?”

“A giant rock a catapult can throw and destroy huge areas.”

“How well it fire?”

“A giant catapult.”

Another person spoke.

“We have been alerted of lots of leather being stolen.”

“Yes, we are responsible.”

“Who is stealing it?”

“The Loga club.”

“Ah, go get them.”

“How long well this mission take?”

“It will be done in five more months.”

“How many people are there?”

“500, All of Yogis guards are helping us.”

“They turned,” I muttered.

We got more information. The Loga club was soon found.

“Yes, we were helping. All the leather is in the Micin Shafts.”

Troopers were sent out. Tons. I was even sent out.

“Go to Yogi.”

I got on a boat with a pack and it went off. It was long and we all paddled. We got there quickly and no boat welcomed us. We talked and demanded they take down their forces.

“We’ll destroy the city now, or you take down your forces.”

“We can’t they’re paying us a gold coin every day for each person.”

“That means everything, you have about 200 people up there am I correct?” I asked.

The lady nodded.

“There is about 30 other guards from Klentis there.”

“You can take all the money, you don’t need guards.”

“I will be damned.”

She said and ran off.

In seven days we held a meeting.

“We have got a letter from the scouts,” the leader spoke.

“It states many yards are leaving. They say only 100 are left.”

I pumped my fist. 

“They are also stealing money.”

The next day five men were taken in form a boat.

“We are from Yogi, we would like to speak with the leader.”

I had a meeting where they were hung.

“We mean peace. We are planning an attack of Klentis. We plan to erupt there plan in fire. We well do that if we keep all the money they have.”

“Yes, could we have 1 in every ten of that since we helped destroy them.”

“Yes, is it a deal.”

“It is a deal.”

They went back and the leader held a meeting.

“Who wants to go?”

I raised my hand.

Three others did.

“You will go with let’s see 10 scouts.”

In two days we set off. We had donkeys with us. There was 4 donkeys, and they each had  four bags on them. We walked along the trail. It lead up. 

“We stop here.”

There was rock huts which we shared with another person. Dan had gone so I went with him. Some set up small tents. I slid my pack under and fell asleep on the hard rock. In the morning I changed into some leather shorts and no shirt. It was hot. I tied up bed roll and slide it through the slips. We got to the ditch. We found a cave where lots of our tribe was staying.

I found a spot and rolled out my bed roll. I walked outside. There was a ledge where all the cuts were. I looked out and saw guards stationed wide.

“They should be here soon.”

Soon troops came we set up  battle corders with tents. 

“We’ll attack tomorrow so sleep up.”

I went to bed. I woke up early and the cave was echoing with snoring. I creeped through. Bumping a few and got out. The sun was rising. Soon everyone was up and we got our packs. I would head to the process.

“Only destroy people, not the project.”

“Got it.”

We ran off down the ledge of the base. We came to a stop. 

“Throw down the rope.”

I threw down some rope and some crazy guys went down. They pegged in and we climbed down.

“Hold onto the tree.”

We went down the steep trail and found a new one. We went along it for a while.


We saw them. They were molding together the rock.

“Its almost done.”

“Go, spread out.”

I went down a little and climbed up a tree.

“Wow, somethings in the tree.”

“No, its that bird, eagle.”

I saw an eagle fly out.

I climbed up higher.


I leapt out of the tree and charged. I hit people with my sword.

“Don’t kill them.”

I worked on tying everybody up. Soon we got everybody. The guards were killed, but soon a five carriages came down and we piled the men in the back. I got back to town.I learned Dad and Mom had moved. I walked down to there house. It was super nue. It was a bakery. There wasn’t and inside though. I went through a back way. Mom let me in and I climbed up some stairs to a landing. There were four doors. I opened one and found Amelia room. The next one was Mom and Dads. The next was a storage and and the last was mine. I hung my stuff up. I walked down stairs. I had three days off.

It was early and I helped sell. Everyone was happy. The prices had gone up and I learned that after i had sold so we sold at those prices for the day.

Mom cooked some potatoes and we ate an awesome dinner. The next day I took some money and walked into Town.

“Coffee, Coffee, young man you like you are need of some coffee.”

“How much is it?”

“Come on in.”

I walked in and sat down.

“What kind of coffee?”

“A normal.”

They brought me a cup and I took a sip.

It was good. I got another and drank it and walked outside. 

“Sword sharpening, Free for soldiers.”

I walked over.

“I’m a soldier.”


“Joe Amula.”

“Where’s your sword?”

I pulled out my chipper and handed it to him. He quickly sharpen it and I put it in my belt. I walked farther down and found a band. I paid for a coffee and sat down and watched. I then walked toward the stands.

“Fresh produce.”




I heard all kinds of shouts and then over I heard a faint.

“Wheres the coins?”

I looked around and saw a horse. It had a man on it and had sacks. They were weighed down. I ran over. 

“Bring the money.”

I leaped on the horse and punched the guy off.

The other man whipped out a knife, but I was quicker. I took a wooden piece in the saddle and threw it at him. He fell. I did the ancient call for help.

“Eighhhhhh, Iaaa—ah.”

Everyone looked. I saw a carriage coming threw bell ringing.

“What’s the problem?”

“These men have been stealing.”

They took the man returned all the money. I started to walk away when a man called.

“Come back.”

I walked over.

“Thank you so much, I want to give you something.”

“What’s this shop?”


“Oh, I could use some.”

“Want some traditional black ones for free?”


He gave them to me and I put them on. They were comfortable. They had a wood bottom and on the sides was cloth tacked it to the wood. It was thin layer for wood and lots of padding.

“Thank you.”

I ran down the street. I looked down a side street and saw two men fighting. 

“You didn’t pay.”

“You said 1 golder.”

“I never set a price.”

I ran over.

“Whoa kid, get in line.”

I jumped between the carriages and down the back street. 

“Get the tuck.”

They picked up two packages and ran.

I tackled the first and gave him a blow with my leg and then threw the other on top. I found some rope on the ground and tied them together. 

I walked down and found a carriage. It was a desert buggy. In the back were crates. Here was one horse who I tied up to a post outside. I opened up the boxes and found leather patches. They each had a symbol in them.

I opened some others. They all had them. I got the two men in the back and tied the horse on. I was on a street made of dirt. No body was on it and it went into

 another street. We set off.  I went straight down the road and met up with another road. I took it and around the market. I cut onto some streets than crossed to the Town Hall. I explained the case and they looked into it..

I was called back early so I got on my uniform and walked to work. 

I had my sword at my waist.

I sat down.

“Back to redoing defense.”

We decided to add pegs in. They would have metal at the end and it would be impossible to get through. 

“A big boat sank outside the harbor and twenty people were found. They were all trying to destroy the city.”

“Right through here.”

The carriage came right down the line and guards opened it. The prisoners got out and then the gate closed and the truck backed away.

I got back to my files. I managed sentences and when people got out.

I sat down.

I saw Sam waiting.

He saw my look, “Need a package of files.”

I nodded. I noticed I needed the jail sentences.

“I do too.”

“Mails here.”

He came by and dropped off papers. I got a big package.

“What’s in that.”

“About 10 sentences of people going and out.”

I took out the papers.

Name- Namar Zeus


Going in or Out

Broke into the store and stole 1 gold coin

Sentenced for three months

Name- Ion Zeus

Age- 21

Going in or Out

Broke into the store and stole ten gold coins

Sentenced for three months

Name- Greten Inforany


Going in or Out

Injured child

Sentence to be found

Name- Erim Piroti


Going in or Out

Hit boat

Sentence to be found

I got my bag with them and walked out. I walked to the prison and got  carriage with guards. I had contacted and the room was ready for a sentence. 

The guards came over to me.

“I need four people.”

“Say there names.”

“Do you want there papers?”


I handed them and soon I had four prisoners tied in a carriage. We sat them down and began in the room.

“Let’s start with Erim Piroti .”

“He is 31, he hit a boat intently.”

“What boat did you hit?”

“A steamer, thought your leader was in it.”

“So you met to it the leader.”


“Does everyone have enough information?”


“Let’s go through.”

“I’d like to start us off with three years.”

The next man went up, “I well go two and a half.”


“3 Years.”

“2 Years.”

“4 Years.”

The other said there thoughts.

“I think we can all agree on three years.”

“Everybody nodded.”

The guards took him to a cell.

“Next Greten Inforany, he injured a child.”

“Where were you?”

“The Market, they were in front of me sleeping so I I threw them.”

“I have mine at 10 years.”


Everyone agreed. I scrubbed down his sentence and cell on my paper.

“Now two that are getting out.”

“Ion and Namar Zues, they robbed a store together and were each sentenced for three months.”

“4 Gold coins for each of them.”

“7 in total.”

“So we have 8 in total.”

Everybody nodded.

The guards handed a stack and let them leave. We did some others and then I left. I got back and put the cards in my box.

I walked home. AA dog was awaiting for me. Amelia was smiling.

“You’re 13.”


We ate sugar bread and I fell asleep with my dog, killer.

He was trained already so I took him to work. He slept well I went through files.

I opened up my box of al the files. I flipped through it.  I had gotten a letter.

Jenkins, he was on Klentis boat we destroyed and we had him in jail. People have seen him. Meet me in my office at noon with his files.

I finally got it. I ran to his office with Killer and sat down.

“Where’s the sheet?”

“Here,” I handed him the paper.

“Name Flentis Jenkins, Age 15, Going in, Was on Klentis, 10 Years.”

“So that means he’s 25.”

I nodded.

Than a messenger came.

“Jenkins has been spotted.”

“Lets go.”

I jumped up and we ran. I got in a carriage and quickly tied some horses to it. They went off. I sat with the reins. The traffic person told my lane to stop. I dinged my bell and he made my lane go. 

Killer was in the back, tongue out.

We went to the desert where they and spotted him.

“There’s tracks.”

The horses didn’t like this, but kept going. Soon we saw a dust buggy and a man over it. I got out and took off one horse. Killer bounded after me and the man saw me. He pulled out a sword and behind him I saw forces. Behind me was forces.

“Battle to the death.”

I pulled out my sword.


Killer sat down. I advanced. He had a club.

I swung and he bodied with his club. I snapped it in half. I then shot one at his legs which he jumped over. He threw a piece of wood at me which I dodged. I picked it up and threw it at his face. He turned right into it. He fell to the ground. I then swished my sword. We had won.


They charged and our team did the same. A man came at me.

“You killed my son.”

I deflected his blade, but he was too quick. We battled and soon he fell. Another came at me, but Killer chased them away. We won the battle and went North. We found caves.

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