Giants Game Pictures

The Giants lost making their series agnist the Rockies 2-1, they lost. They still filled 81% of their stadium (33,765 people). The club level seats are totally worth it. Note if you are sitting 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, or 225 you well get foul balls. We got about ten during the whole game in 220. You have a good chance of getting them.

Peter helped save the gIants from being moved. He died.



Barry Bonds signed Wine Bottle. Sorry Picture didn’t turn out to good just thought I had to include it.
The Field about 30 minutes before the game started. The weather is could, but it brightened up.

Party going on in Triples Alley before the game.
A Lego track with balls on it. Pretty cool.
Closer up picture
Where all of Giants Scouts are based. Lots down in the South.
Retired players numbers bobble heads, pictures, and score cards of famous games they stared in.
Charlie Brown and his friends as Giants.

Ok, now we go onto some of the pictures of the Rockies and Giants on the field.

End of Game when Rockies won.
The big screen showing the Bay Bridge and the ending score with the clock and companies that have their name on it.
Brandon Belt on first with a runner.
Joe Panik throwing one over to Belt
Nolan Arenado at the plate with Vogt catching
Jake McGee taking the call. Joe Panik in the On Deck circle in the bottom Right
Blackmon coming back from a foul ball hit
The giants infield talking while Derek Holland warming up after pitcher change
Another catcher warming up the pitcher well the other gets on his gear.

I am done for now and will post some more maybe. I will also soon be going on vacation so between July 7th-14th there might not be any posts.

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