4 Intresting things about the Draft

The draft had its of good players in it, there was also lots of interesting things about it.

  1. Bol Bol was projected to be a top ten draft pick. He got hurt at University at Oregon at the beginning of the season. He didn’t want to affect his draft so he stays don their injured list. Look where that got him from top ten to 44th picked. 7 centers were picked before him. Look where staying on the bench got him. Oregon would probably have gotten farther in the tournament with him. Things to note, He is Manute Bol sons who was 7’7″, he was 6’5″ is 7th grade, he played nine games at Oregon, had a left food injury, over 7 feet, and barely weighs 205 pounds. He well be going to Denver Nuggets.

2.  The Zion Williamson to Pelicans. The Pelicans are going to be good. They drafted Zion Williamson for the first pick as a Power Forward and than Jaxson Hayes as the 8th as a Center. They drafted Marcos Lozada Silva at 35th who is a Small Forward. They have Lonzo Ball at point guard, Jrue Holiday at shooting guard, Brandon Ingram at Small Forward and Marcos Lozada Silva, they have Julius Randle at Power Forward and now Zion, Jallil Okafor and Jaxson Hayes. They well be a good team.

3. Noticing the Grizzlies would pick Ja Morant. The Grizzlies traded away Conloy before the draft. They traded him to the Utah Jazz for Jae Crowder. Kyle Korver, Grayson Allen, the 23 pick in the draft,  and a protected future first round pick that will mostly likely shift over to Memphis in 2022 when it will be top-six protected.

4. How did Duke not win it. Duke had two top three picks in the draft and 3 top ten picks. How did they not win it. Virginia won it all and they two players be picked in the draft, one De’Andre Hunter who was picked fifth, the other picked 55th, Kyle Guy. Remember Michigan State beating Duke, how many of their players got drafted? 0. It is crazy how Duke didn’t win.

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