MLB teams that were over .500 last season now under .500

MLB aways changes with teams. Today I am going list a couple teams and than write a little bit about them. I have 2 further post planned for Saturday and Thursday. On Saturday I will be releasing a new story. Not just two pages, but a full story. I will hopefully keep posting those every other Saturday. On Wednesday I am going to the giants vs. Dodgers game at 12:45 and I am sitting club level which at Oracle Park is very nice and will take some pictures and show. Lets get started.

There was only three teams that had this change.


This makes lots of sense since Bryce Harper went to the Philles. They went from .506 to .465. That means that they went down .41. They did not make the playoffs last season


The Pirates haven’t really lost anybody, but just lost themselves. They went from .509 to .444. They went down .65.


The Mariners had a great year last year. Than some players got busted for steroids and they traded some players away. They went from .549, just shy of .550 to .403. I know its crazy they went down .146! That is the biggest out of .41, .65, and .146.

We have one thing to say to these teams. (The post keeps going)

Image result for hands over face monkey embarrassed

Now I am going to go opposite. Teams that were under .500 and now over/at .500.

I am just going to name the team and the difference of the numbers since there is a lot.

The Twins made the biggest surge from .481- .667. That is .186 difference. They are also in first place in the Major League.

The Phillies went from .494- .549. This makes since because they received Bryce Harper. That is .55 better, Good job Phillies.

The Rangers went from .414- .534. Nice Job Rangers. A nice .120 better, Good job Rangers.

The Angels went from .494-.500. Even though its just .06 its still good.

The Padres went from .407-.500. That means they went up .93.

I know that the White Sox are at .493, but they were at .383 last season. That is .110.

These percentages are all from June 19th, 2019. Thank you come back soon for another post or susbrice to get it right your inbox.

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