Can any other team fallow the Raptors lead

The Raptors as every knows won the NBA finals for the first time. They won in a 4-2 series. With Kevin Durant out for the Warriors who well probably not return for the start of season and Klay out can any team beat them. It all depends on Boogie. Ok, enough talk about Warriors lets face other teams.

Which teams have a chance?

It matters a lot about Free Agency. With Durant out it makes it a little easier, but still hard.

Lets goo through a couple teams. These are about beating them in the Finals

Celtics: the Celtics well not be able to take the Warriors. Kyrie might leave and that might lead on a Gordon Hayward trade. Chance they well make the finals and beat the Warriors is around 12/100.

Raptors: If everyone stays on the Raptors they might have a chance, but is that where Kawhi want to land. The Raptors have a great team and if they keep everyone they have about 93/100. A couple trades could kill them though.

76ers: the 76ers are very talented. They just have young players. I would not see them beating the Raptors. Ben Simmons and Embed are a great combo, and if they made some smart trades they could be up there. I suspect them to win a championship at 70% in the next 10 years. I think they have a 30/100 of beating the warriors.

Lakers: With the Lakers making moves for Anthony Davis and going for Kemba Walker they would be pretty good. LeBron James may retire soon so that would screw them. The Anthony Davis trade weighed down most on the Lakers. The Pelicans won the deal by a mile. They got Brandom Ingram who scores 18.3 points a game. They got the 4th pick in the draft and Lonzo and Josh Hart. The Lakers have a 18/100

Kings: The Kings are great. They have a lot of young great players. A couple of them are De’Araon Fox, Buddy Hield, Marvin Bagley III, Bogdan Bogdanović, Willie Cauley-Stein, Harrison Barnes, and many other great players. In a couple years they well be able to beat the Warriors if everyone finds what they’re good at. For now though they have a 32/100 chance.

That is the end. I know I didn’t do East Coast to much I will talk about that another time. So for the vote.

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