Will the Warriors stay together?

With Durant out with a torn Achillies, Klay out with a torn ACl on his Left knee… well they stay together. Lets get into it. Please go all the way down for a vote about who well stay with the Warriors and a vedio.

Durant needs to get $31,500,000 this year,. He probably won’t even play. Klay might not play as well. He has a $17,244,863 salary someone well ned to pay him too. Boogie (DeMarcus Cousins) came to win a ring. He signed a one year contract for $5,337,000. Would he want to go somewhere else where he has a better chance of winning? If he does where would he go.

DeMarcus Cousions

Where would Demarcus Cousins even go? Would Marc Gasol retire. He was drafted is 2003, that is 16 year career. He won won like his brother would he want to retire. The raptors might want a new bigman and Cousins could easily be a choice. He might not want to stay with the Warriors since Durant won’t come back for a while and Klay might do the same. Curry and Draymond won’t be able to carry the team. Boogie might want to win a ring, the Warriors might not be ready to grab another one for a couple of years and he won’t want to wait that long. He has played for nine years. He is 28, he might play until 33 or 35 though so 5-7 more years. He might want to stay or leave.

Kevin Durant

Durant tore his Achillies like most people know. He well most likely not return at the start of the season. Nobody is going to want to pay him more than 30 million if he won’t even play half the year. People orginialy said he would go to the Knicks or Nets, or maybe even the Lakers. Now that idea is smashed because neither of three teams well pay 30 million for a player that won’t play most of the season. They need a player that well lead them to the playoffs. Durant well probably stay with the Warriors since they are the only ones that well be able to pay him.

Klay tour his ACL in is Left knee. You can see the play in the vedio above. He really helped the Warriors are through the season. As you hear in the vedio he had 29 points before the injury. By not making the All NBA team his contract went down by over 30 million. This way the Warriors would be able to sign both. He well probably be back before Durant.

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