2nd page of A Journey

Here we are with the second page. Hope you enjoyed the first one.

“Bet you can beat me in Madden.”

“I bet I can.”

We got on the Xbox and played. He beat me 28 to 6. We laughed as we want back up to the dugout. Fans had now started arriving. We sat and watched. I spit out seeds well he blew bubbles with the gum.

“I’m going down to the cage.”

I walked down with him to the hangout area where a mound was and two hitting cages. I sat on one of the couches and watched a movie some were watching. It was Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Berry’s favorite movie. I watched as Luke Skywalker did something. I got up and went to the manager.

“Do I need to be Bat Boy?”

“No, we got ‘em here.”

The game started and Dad slid on his helmet.

We were playing the Reds and there pitcher was good. He struck Berry out with a wicked slider. He threw another pitch with Dad and smacked it went out. It carried all the way into the water. Another splash hit.

I pumped my fist in the air. It was 1-0. The next two guys got out and the guys got ready to take the field. I was manager assistant so called the bullpen and did what he needed. It was the only way for me to be able to be in the dugout.

The pitcher gave up two runs. I was never close with pitchers, so I didn’t know his name.

“Get Rusty out there.”

“Got it.”

I ran over, spit out the seeds I was chewing and called the bull pin. Rusty was the only pitcher I knew.

“Who do you want G?”

“Joe needs Rusty hinges.”

“He getting warmed up.”

I nodded.

A batter hit the ball and it went right to Dad. He tossed it to second and Bobby threw it to Finn at first to get the out. The pitcher struck the next out and the players ran in. We rallied and got five runs. Dad was up. He was a mean hitter. The pitcher wound up threw right at Dad’s face. He ducked just it time for it to nail the ump. He fell to the ground. After that a new pitcher came in since he got ejected. He spoke a couple words I could lip read.

“I’ll finish your job,” and patted him on the shoulder.

The manager could lip read and a couple players and they jumped up.

Dad could, but not at the angle. I jumped over with Joe and we ran to the ump.

“He just said I’ll finish your job.”

“Settle down, he won’t.”

I went back and worried. Dad had hurt his foot earlier this season and been out.

Joe ran over to me.

“Get ready to call the ambulance.”

“I know,” I said The whole dugout was ready to fight.

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