A Story I have been writing

I love writing stories. I have been writing stores for a long time and I have another 7 other stories and I am writing one right now I may publish.

This story is called A Journey. You well learn more about it. I will publish a page after another every couple days so you can subscribe to get it in your email every once in a while or come to my site a lot. Here is the first part.

Yeah, yeah, My Dad played for San Francisco Giants, big deal. I was still just a normal kid. I went to Merisan Elementary school. I had friends and played on the baseball team.

My day started like always in the San Francisco apartment. It was a four bedroom with views of the Giants baseball stadium when it wasn’t cloudy.

I got out of my bed and brushed my teeth. I went to the kitchen. Mom was in there and I jumped onto the stool.

“You can’t do that you’ll hurt yourself.”

She gave me a bowl of cereal and I ate.

“Do I have a game today?”

“No, but you’re going to the park.”

I nodded and went to get dressed. I changed into my normal Giants shirt and black shorts. I got on my socks and my backpack. I opened the door and ran down to the elevator. I pressed the one and got in. There was only three. I got to the bottom and ran out. Dad’s driver was there and I got in his car.

He didn’t talk and he took me to the private school. I  got out and joined my friends. “You going to the park today?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I’ll be on my xbox.”


We walked to our fifth grade class. We were the only private Elementary School in San Francisco that didn’t have uniforms. Our teacher taught us about diameters and I didn’t listen. I didn’t have good grades, but boy could I play baseball. I got up for recess and we played kick-catch which I dominated catching fifteen balls. We went in class and I waited for lunch. I played kick-catch at lunch. Friday was an early day so we got out at 1:15. The bell rung and I grabbed my backpack and ran off. I got to the curb and found Dad’s car. I got in and took out my pass for the stadium. I put it on and we pulled up to the stadium. I ran down some short cut ways and to the home locker room. It was only 1:30 and the game started at 6:30, but all the players were there. I sat down on the coach and turned on xbox. I started to play MLB 19. Jason, my friend was playing on the other team and a couple of my other pals were separated between the giants and Red Sox.

The game finished and I went to the chat and wrote, big G out. I turned off the xbox and took my glove in the small locker I had. I put on my Giants jersey and ran out with my glove. All the players knew me, since I was super good. I played center field, but I could hit ropes.

I walked out with a bat. The pitcher would practice on me well the bases would try to get my Dad the epic shortstop runner out.

“Hit me home, big G.”

I nodded and the first pitch came in. I swung and connected it. It popped right to shortstop and he got Dad out. I hit a couple more and then switched. It was now 3 and the other team took the field. My Dad watched the pitcher for a little and I stood next to him.

“I’m hungry let’s eat.”

We run down and sat at the table and ordered are normal Thai food. They came with boxes and we ate. I was full.

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