Old Patriots Cards

In the Super Bowl the catchers did’t do their best, but they are still good. These fab four go together like marshmallows and graham Crackers. Who knows if Gronkoski is going to go out wit the only touchdown and 87 yards.

Julian Edelman had 850 yards remember he was hurt at the beginning of the season and only played 12 games. Here’s a card from him.

2009 Exquisite Collections Julian Edelman Rookie Auto /99 Patriots SB MVP
This is Julian Edelman’s rookie card signed this is not where the link well take you since this card is $300

Gronkowski is our next topic. He had an amazing season and getting 682 yards. This is special though. I recommend too buy maybe a twenty dollar card like this one is rookie. If he decides to retire a lot of people well want it and then you can either sell it for double the price or sit on it longer.

2010 Rob Gronkowski Donruss Rated Rookie RC (QTY)

As you can see this is Rob’s rookie card a Rated Rookie by Donrus

I was scrolling through and I found this cheap Tom Brady rookie. Buy these for under ten dollars sit on them until Tom Brady retires then sell them. Here’s a couple.

Tom Brady Custom ACEO Oddball Rare Rookie Card
Tom Brady rated rookie card

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