Complete Red Sox nine players autos and rookies

These are mostly under $20 dollars and just fun little cards that are good. I f you’re Yankee fan I’ll get another one out soon, Sorry Red Sox’s I like them both. Normal means no autographed or relic.

SP= I’m going to start off with Chris Sale as the Starting Pitcher. Autographed Normal

DH= Now every ones favorite JD Martinez Autographed Normal

RF= Mookie Betts Autographed Normal

CF= Jackie Bradly Jr. Autographed Normal

LF= Andrew Benintendi Autographed Normal

C= Sandy Leon Autographed Normal

1B= Mitch Moreland Autographed Normal

2B= Dustin Pedroia Autographed Normal

SS= Xander Bogaerts Autographed Normal

3B= Rafael Devers Autographed Normal

Thanks for looking, I hope you buy an Autographed card or relic.

Come back soon for more teams and if you like this kind of post click here to vote and will post more of these

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