Baseball Card lots on eBay

There is some pretty good stocking stuffers on eBay right now. These can range from 100’s of dollars too under ten. I made four ranges for you to choose from $20 and below, $20.01-49.99, $50-99.99 and 100+.

Lets start with $20 and below

  1. This is selling for under $7 dollars and you get 100 cards. Plus you can get better deals when you buy more
  2. If you want a little more this is your deal. Get 300 cards for under $13. This has Free Shipping and might show to be under your tree
  3. Now we have 1,000 cards for under $20. This was a storage Unit find and gives you storage boxes so you can store your cards easy
  4. If you want to see more lots on eBay for under $20 just click here

Now we have some lots that are 21.01- 49.99

These are going to have more cards, but cost more.

  1. This one is a great deal and a must read description. Some lots are $10 more expensive and they don’t even have 3,000 cards like this one.
  2. This is the same as the last one just you can buy more for less. This is Fast’n Free shipping
  3. Just want to browse and see what else there is, compare prices all that boring stuff. Click here to just make it faster


  1. Now we have boxes of cards that are new not old they are 2018 Panini Elite Extra Edition. This is a great deal.
  2. Now we have 2018 2 boxes of this great Hoby box Topps BASEBALL SERIES 1 FACTORY SEALED HOBBY BOX
  3. This is the same jus three Mega boxes, not sure mega boxes Holiday Mega boxes. These each contain 100 cards and 1 autographed card, autographed relic card, or just a relic card.
  4. Or if you just want to browse click here


  1. This lot is a great deal containing 140 cards out of 5 2018 Topps Chrome Update Series MEGA BOXES Factory Sealed
  2. I’m letting you do the rest find what you want

These are all on eBay. If you purchase by 12/31/18 you get $5 off your purchase. Happy Shopping.

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