4 different kinds of pranks to buy

I only have some of these pranks, but I know they all work. Amuse your family with all kinds of pranks.

The Fart Box, This is an awesome gift. It includes a remote control that can trigger the fart box. Test how far it can go well figuring out who gets pranked the most. Well, it be your Dad, Mom, Sister, Grandpa, Grandma, Brother, or any one else. Click on the link below to buy the FART BOX. The video is not the same model, they work the same though.


Get the chewing gum, or should it be called the shock gum. Offer some gum too your friend, if he takes it what well happen? You find out by getting the chewing gum.

Here we have our Hand Buzzer. Just shake your neighbor’s hand. What well happen? This is a very fun toy.
Now we’re on the classic Whoopee Cushion, most of you know what this is. Set it down under a couch pillow, your old grandpa comes over and sits down. What happens? Get a Whoopee Cushion to find out.

Do you like all this stuff? If you just said yes I have a special treat for you. Get all of these, disclosing the fart box. This set includes 15+ I don’t have here. This is the best deal.

Come back next time for another post at the maximum 5 days. It might me sooner

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