Where to find storage for any kind of collector card

Cards are always worth more when they are kept in good condition. Today I’m going to go through how to keep your cards in good condition.

When you open a pack and box you want to go through the cards only touching the sides. Sometimes you have to touch the card, I know. The less fingerprints there are the better. 

Once you open the pack and have all the cards you should put them in card sleeves. If you don’t have enough card sleeves, put the good cards you know are good and rookies in. Try not to touch the other ones and you can come to my site to but high quietly one for cheap prices. The deal is great below normally 500 would be at least $50

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Now you have all these cards what are you going to do with them. Some people insert them in containers. The best way to do it is to buy a storage box. These can hold 25 to 5,000 and even bigger.

Click to choose you size on amazon

Now you have the complete guide and you can always comeback for good pack, storage instructions and more.

Thank you for reading and come back soon!

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