How to survive in Minecraft survival mode

I have an awesome way to be able to live and go on adventures for little materials.

Start a Wheat farm

This is simple, Now that you have a house and some materials lets start a wheat farm. First you need to get what kind of material you want, you can use wood, iron, rock, diamond, or gold. It does not matter which just the higher material it is the longer it well last. First you need to collect the grass looking stuff. You well get stuff that says seed.

Now you should get at least 10, the more the better. Now you either have to make a bucket or find a lake or the ocean. Make a hoe and if you have a bucket get water and dig a trench near where you are going to make your garden.

Left click the with hoe and the dirt should change to a brown. Now left click the seeds and you well plant. Now let the water off and you well have your farm. Once the wheat has brown tips then you can click it and it well give you most likely seeds and wheat.

You can then make bread and expand your farm

Did you not get what I said. Watch this and you can figure it out.

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6 thoughts on “How to survive in Minecraft survival mode

  1. Yes very, it always works for me, I hope it well work for you. Do you want me to post about Minecraft. I you do fill out my survey and the I will!


  2. Yes it is a very good method,but I think staying on a village is the best way to survival,I have posted mine on my website check my profile


  3. I agree.But staying in a village can give you tons of resources and get shelter without wasting time on building a house.your idea is amazing idea though.


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