Kevin Durant stats,video’s, and more

I’m started Warriors month here. Starting now every week in November a warriors star well be explained.

Master Kevin Durant by getting all his sports gear and watch him shoot the three. Kevin Durant is a very great player. I’m going to show you a couple videos then some links to get stuff to support Kevin Durant.

First I though we should look at his stats:

First he averaged 22.5 minutes last year, he averaged 21 points, and 50% on the Three, he averaged 57.1% for field goals, and he more truly good stats.

Now lets look at his shooting game,

Now let us look at those DUNKS.

Ok now if you want you can Click here to find more videos of Kevin Durant

Now let’s get into gear.

Click the links below to be a undercover Kevin Durant.

Master Kevin Durant by wearing his jersey

Get Kevin Durant’s shoes!!!

Get his basketball card to beat anyone that tries to beat you

Get a Kevin Durant backpack to add to your fan gear

Come back next week for the next Warriors player.

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