The NL MVP race on eBay

As the playoffs are on and it’s the Dodgers vs. the Red Sox. I am going to show the NL MVP race on eBay expect you can buy the cards I talk about.

I am going to start with Christian Yelich. This amazing player has a .326 batting average for the season, 36 homers, and 110 RBIs. This is a very good player and a good invested because later on his card is going to be a lot more.They are very cheep for auto rookie. This is one of the best deals ever.

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If you want to see more of his stats click here

Now I am doing Trevor Story for the Colorado Rockies, His is a very good player, his batting average is .291 on the season, he had 37 homers this season, and 108 RBI. That’s a .35 worse batting average than Christen Yelich, 1 more homer, and 2 less RBI. This is a very good card as well. Think of Buster Posey his card is over a hundred dollars. This could be the same thing.

Click here to view more Trevor Story stats on ESPN

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The next who most likely won’t win, but could is the St. Louis Cardinals Matt Carpenter. He has a .257 batting average, 36 homers, and 81 RBI

If you want to learn more about Matt Carpenter click here

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Thats it for today and comeback soon for more

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