Don’t have any good baseball cards, learn where and who to get them

Sometimes you just get a bunch of bad cards, I know how it feels, if’s that’s all you have gotten, it’s called one thing: Bad luck. I have some packs here that cost more, but are very good.

If you see a card and don’t know what something means go back to my two posts about what makes a good baseball card

Where to get pitcher baseball cards and how to know their great

The best way to get Baseball Cards

I rally hope that these give you something, if they give you something decent you might be able to go to a Baseball card shop by our house and trade, but I don’t recommend that unless your cards are really bad.

If you have someone who is very good, I have an Idea for you. Get some sleeves so you’re card won’t get touched ripped or anything.

baseball card 1

Get some baseball card sleeves on eBay




Get some cards on eBay

Look at eBay’s complete list of baseball cards

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