The best way to get Baseball Cards

I have gotten into collecting baseball cards. I’m going to explain what makes up a good baseball card and where to get them. This is just batter keep checking to see pitcher soon.

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You want your Batting Average (AVG) to be high.


You also want your Home Runs high (HR).


You also want your Runs Batted In high (RBI)


You want your (H) Hit’s high too.


That is how you can find a great card.

Rookie cards. Rookie Cards are the players first year. They are worth more then other cards if the player is good. There well be one line on the back as shown here.



Below is a link to find some amazing baseball card packs. I would get some of the really good packs with the most cards. Some are expensive, but don’t worry it’s worth it.

Click here to find some rare baseball cards.


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