Madden 80 Overall

So now you’re an 80 Overall.

Lets start out if you have elite players on the bench. If you do you have two options. You can look how much they’re worth in auction. If you don’t want to do that then you have another option. This might not always be there, but it looks like its permanent. Go to sets and into Playoffs. There is an elite player pack there that you put two elite players in you get to choose one out of the twelve they show you. If you don’t think its good I’m telling you its good. I got Tom Brady from it 90 Overall. There other 90s too.

Now we’re on Live Events. There is this one Live Event called. Top 100. You have to be an 80 overall to do it. It costs 100 stamina, but its good. If you win you get a Locker Item for it. Activate the Locker Item in My Team. Then you a token each day that you put in a set that needs five of the tokens. Once you get it guess what? You get an 80 overall. It’s not Tom Brady or anyone like that. I know Jay Ajayi is one there some receivers and defense to.

Do this stuff and do the same stuff I told about in Getting Started the first one. Then get to an 85 Overall to the next post to make sense.

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