Madden Mobile

There is many ways to play Madden. You can play on a Xbox or iPad. I play on both, but mostly on my iPad. Here is some good tips to get your Overall up.

When you get to level 10 you get to unlock auctions. This is where you can buy and sell. I suggest getting a couple of pro packs that cost 7,500. In auctions an elite player costs about 70,000. I  wouldn’t save up first though. You should start by  trying to get an all gold team. You well get a Tom Brady 80 ovr.  soon after you start. You could start getting golds with your WRs  and TEs. You should get a running back after.

Make sure to try to do all Live Events. Use the best locker items you have to give tokens and more. Do Practice Squads when ever you can. They give you a silver plus player. Once I got an elite!

Once you’re all golds. Start saving up. Once you have 70,000 look in the auction. I would suggest a quarterback or someone on offense. You’ll upgrade you defense later.

You should also get in a league these help a bunch. If you don’t have all gold players yet. You can get them in league bank. This is where you get packs everyday choose things to go in league bank. Every 48 hours you get to pick something. Theres lots of things. Tokens, gold players, Choose a locker items things, and more.

I’ll post more. Do these tips and get to an 80 for the next blog post to make sense.


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