Could The 49ers be in the Playoffs in the 2018-2019 season

The San Francisco 49ers have been playing good with Jimmy Garoppolo. He came from the NE Patriots. His contract is up after this season so he could leave. He has done an amazing job so far. They are 4-10 this season.

Jimmy Garoppolo: ‘We Have a Very Good Locker Room’

The 49ers have some good players: Jimmy Garoppolo, Carlos Hyde, Marquise Goodwin, Garrett Celek, Joe Staley,  Solomon Thomas, Eric Reid, Jimmie Ward, and Reuben Foster.

Here is some team leaders.
Passing Yards C. Beathard ATT 224 Comp 123 TD 4 Yards 1,430
Rushing Yards Carlos Hyde ATT 204 AVG 3.9 TD 5
Receiving Yards M. Goodwin Rec 51 AVG 17.6 TD 1 Yards 897
Tacles D. Johnson SOLO 59 AST 7 Sack 0 Tacles 66
Interceptions Eric Reid YDS 0 TD 0 PD 3 Interceptions 2

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