Baseball player test

If you think you know who did all these amazing things, I think you should be a reporter for baseball. Find out if you were right at the end. The I stands for bat

  1. Who hit the most home runs in World Series history?

(Hint He was a catcher for the New York Yankees I MM)

2. Who is the only pitcher to throw a perfect game in the World Series?

( Hint in 1954 Baltimore Orioles pitcher I DL)

3. Who had the most strikeouts in one World Series game?

(Hint 1968 St. Louis Cardinals pitcher I BG)

4. Who has appeared in the most playoff games?

(Hint New York Yankees shortstop I DJ)

5.  Who has the lowest career ERA in World Series history?

(Hint San Francisco Giants Pitcher I MB)

6. Who drove in the most runs in his career?

(Hint Milwaukee Braves first base I HA)

7. Who was the first player to named MVP of most leagues?

( Hint Cincinnati Reds outfielder I FR)

8. Who out-homered 223 teams during one season in collage?

( Hint Cubs first basemen I KB)



  1. Mickey Mantle
  2. Don Larson
  3. Bob Gibson
  4. Derek Jeter
  5. Madison Bumgarner
  6. Hank Aaron
  7. Frank Robinson
  8. Kris Bryant







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