NBA Teams

There are many good teams in the NBA. You know there has been many big trades. The Kyrie trade and a lot of others.

The Cleveland Cavaliers 

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a great lineup but they are hurting now without Isaiah Thomas. They are 2nd in their division. They are 5-6  and the Pistons are 8-3. Losing Kyrie is big to them. Now LeBron James has to do most of it. Kevin Love can’t do it all. Their best player is LeBron James, Kevin Love is next.

Detroit Pistons

The Pistons have a bender record than Cleveland! They are first in their division. They don’t seem the best, but they have Reggie Jackson, Andre Drummond, Stanly Johnson, Avery Bradley, and some other guys.

Golden State Warriors steph curry awesome

The warriors are the champions of course. The problem teams have with the warriors is that, they have the best starting lineup then there subs are like a starting lineup. Their bench seems like they are not that good, but Jordan Bell can dunk, Mccaw, Casspi, and Nick Young can shoot the 3. Kevin Looney and David West can dunk and Andre Igoudle can shoot. so when they pull there starters they can act like starters.

Houston Rockets 

 The Houston Rockets traded some people this off-season for Chris Paul from the Clippers. They are trying to win the Championship. they beet the warriors in the first game of the season, but the warriors always seem to lose the first game. Still that is big. Their is about a 85% that they well face each other in the Western Conference finals.


The Oklahoma City Thundercarmelo

The Oklahoma City Thunder got Paul Gorge and Carmelo Anthony. Everybody thought they would be good, but they have not been the best. The big thing is Russel Westbrook is a ball hog. This is the reason Kevin Durant left. Russel probably shoots 80% of the time they get the ball. He only makes 55% of those shots. He is great at defense.

Boston Celtics  

Boston got Kyrie Irving and Gorden Hayward. I really don’t want to explain Gorden Hayward. They traded Isaiah Thomas to Cleveland and some other people. I bet Kyrie is loving seeing Cleavland with a worse Record then the Celtics.

This is The NBA.




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