Ranking the 9 best point guards Right Now

The Point guard is a key position in basketball. They bring the ball up, they shoot, and dribble. That’s why a good point guard is a key find.

9. Kemba Walkerkemba-

Kemba Walker plays for the hornets. He is good at dribbling and speed but not anything else. He is their best player.  This offseason they are building around him.

8. Kyle Lowrykly lowry

He plays on the Toronto Raptors. He  is their best player. He is good but not a super good player like Steph Curry. He is Ok at dribbling and passing.

7. Kyrie Irvingkyrie

I know you are all like Kyrie is better than 7. He is pretty good but a one on one match John wall. John would win because Kyrie is along side LeBron and LeBron scores a lot. He is good at Dribbling and the 3 pointer. Kyrie does want to be traded but I don’t know if the Cavaliers well trade him.


6. Chris Paulchris paul

Paul was on the clipper with Black Griffin and center Jordan but being signed to the Houston rockets with harden. He is good at Passing, Dribbling, and The 3 pointers.


5. Damian Lillarddamian-lillard

Lillard plays for the Portland Trail Blazers. He is the best player on the team  C.J MCollum being the next. He is good pretty good but he does not get recognised because he is in small Portland. He is preety good at a lot of thing but he is super good at speed, dribbling and passing.

4. John Walljohn wall

John wall play for the Washington (D.C.) Wizards. He is the best player on the team. He is good at lot of Things. Like speed, dribbling, and passing.

3.  Isaiah Thomas

He plays for  Boston Celtics. Him and his team getting Gordon Hayward they are the only team that could beat the Cavs if kyrie leaves they could defintly beat them. Thomas is good at speed, Dribbling, and the 3 pointer.isha


2.  Russel Westbrookrussel westbrook

I know everybody is like Russel is first. He is good but if you compare him on so he could’t win. he is good at Shooting, speed, and passing.

1. Steph Currysteph curry

Steph Curry plays for the golden state warriors. I think is could beat every single point guard. I think he is the best player in the NBA. He is good at speed, dribbling, passing, and the 3pointers.




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