My Family’s Garden is going Crazy!

The garden that is in our yard is having a year we have tons of strawberries,blueberries, and lettuce.




We went on a 5 day trip and came home and had probably 25 strawberries not picked and 5 on are deck we have ravens on are hill they like to eat strawberries.Here are photos.

Up close photo of strawberry

Blueberries are supper good we have tons probably because we have 4 bushes filled of blueberries and 1 that my dad just got.

are four blueberry bushes

Are Lettuce is seeding because we have too much and we can’t pick it all so we are getting rid of it but I got some photos.




We also have tons of  tomatoes here are some pictures of some we only have cherry tomatoes ripe we have others growing.

tomate plants
Cherry tomatoes



We are growing basil My dad was to make pesto pasta from it because we have too many.






Those our  plant in garden. Pleases Follow my website and remember to like and comment.





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