Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and just Santa Cruz is such a fun town!

Santa Cruz is probably top 10 towns in California. I will tell you about different parts of Santa Cruz at a time. Note The blue lines take you too Amazon too Buy stuff that I tell you about.  Please Buy one thing because I get some of that money back.

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 

Log ride Cave Train chairlift

The Boardwalk has amazing Rides My self I think you should go on the log ride it is a water ride you get in a fake log and go up  this thing then you around this is a nice ride you say then you go straight down it is creepy. The cave train is awesome you go in and see all these monster guys they are really cool. The chairlift is awesome you fly over the boardwalk.

Bumper cars
Bumper Cars

The town of Santa Cruz

The town in Santa Cruz is very cool for shopping. There are the best ice cream shops ever there of course maybe I do love every ice cream shop in the world. 🍦I got the best Santa Cruz jacket ever!

Santa Cruz Jacket
Crazy houses in Capitola very close to Santa Cruz

       The wonder of Santa Cruz Beaches.The beaches in Santa Cruz Are Amazing I love the Natural Bridges beach.

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