15 things about NBA live that makes it the Best phone game ever.


NBA live Mobile is so fun you just read this and you got to play.

NBA LIVE I have a Blog Post on this game you can look at it here NBA Live Basketball Game .It is  so fun because you make your own team you start out Terrible and get bedder and bedder.

NBA live 2


I will name players that I have or I know
for teams. You Have 5 Teams You’re Shooting has good shooters like Kevin Durant. Your Defensive Team Has Defensive Players like Russel Westbrook. Your Small Ball Has Small Player like Steph Curry. Your Two Way has Just Random Players. Your Big Man Has Tall Guys like I have  They also rank your teams like when you begin they are live 68s 69s. then the better you get the better your teams get like my Two way is an 95, my Big man is a 88, My small ball  is a 86, my Defensive is an 88, and my shooting is an 88.

You start off with 50s and 60s they are called them bronzerussel westbrook players. Then you get player packs they cost 7,500 coins. I know it sound like a  lot, but each game you get 600 coins. And plus in playoff games if you win you make 1500 coins plus if you win in the finals you make 2000 coins. There is also other things that would say You won 15 games with you small ball you may get 3500 coins.

There is also season reward pack they give you good players how it works is you play with lets say your small ball the whole game then you put it in a pack and 21 of them get you a good player.Nab Mobile live55

Auctions are big part of it to how they work is you look and try to get good players sometimes you get players sometimes you don’t. You gat your coins back right after somebody else bids higher than you.

You can also sell players you try to get elite players those are 84s to 99s its very good players like Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, Lebron James, Anthony Davis, and  Kevin Durant.

There also sets that you put things into get bedder players. Like you can put to 84 in to a pack and get a 92.

There are live events too. They  are like Dunk drills there is Daily Shoot around where you put 5 daily shoot around packs in and  get good players.🏀live event

There is Head to head where you play other people at your level.⛹🏼🏋🏻



That is pretty much NBA live You can get it in the App Store. Make sure you keep checking my website Bradysfarm.com to make sure you see any new blog post.😃

NBA Live also helps you learn the players and what their good at. So make sure you watch the basketball games! 👍🏻 They are very fun to watch.
















3 thoughts on “15 things about NBA live that makes it the Best phone game ever.

  1. Love NBA Live I a so good at it. But my teams are 80s and 81s I am scared to play you.


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